• Subway and Streetcar Map

    An easy-to-follow map of the TTC’s subway and streetcar networks.

    Subway and Streetcar Map Thumbnail
  • System Map

    Find your way around Toronto with this comprehensive map of all TTC routes, including subway, streetcar and bus service.

    TTC System Map Thumbnail
  • Downtown Map

    Focuses on TTC service in Toronto’s downtown core.

    TTC Downtown Map Thumbnail
  • Express Network

    The TTC's network of express buses makes it easier for you to move across the city as quickly and efficiently as possible. Express Network routes have green route lozenges and 900-series route numbers to distinguish them from other bus and streetcar routes.
    Express Network route map
  • Blue Night Network

    Overnight service operates on most major routes from approximately 1:30 a.m. to the start of subway service. Service is provided every 30 minutes or better, seven days a week. Blue Night Network routes have white and blue route lozenges and 300-series route numbers.
    Blue Night Bus map
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