Meeting of Shareholders - June 21, 2010

Meeting Info

Date:Sunday, June 20, 2010
Location:Committee Room 1, 2nd Floor Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West
Meeting No:23
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Agenda not available 


Agenda not available 
A special meeting of the Board of Directors was held in the Committee Room 3, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto, on Monday, June 21, 2010 at 10:22 a.m. for the purpose of discussing business related to the Company.


S. Hall (Vice-Chair - TTCICL), P. Milczyn (Director - TTCICL), A. Giambrone, B. Saundercook, M. Augimeri, J. Mihevc, (TTC Commissioners), V. Rodo (President), M.A. Roche (Treasurer), B.M. Leck (General Counsel), Gary Webster, M. Ferreira, and J. Cheng (Actuary from J.S. Cheng & Partners) were present.

S. Hall was in the Chair.

1. Review of Minutes

TTC Insurance Company Limited Directors Meeting No.’s 31 - June 22, 2009 and
Meeting No. 32 – June 22, 2009

The directors reviewed and approved the minutes of the above mentioned meetings and authorized the Chair and Secretary to sign the same.

2. Business Arising From Minutes


3. Actuarial Financial Review

The Board received the 2009 Annual Actuarial Report and approved the Expected Future Financial Condition (EFFC) for 2009 that forecasts the expected future financial condition of TTC Insurance Company Limited.  The Board also received from the Actuary a Presentation of the 2009 EFFC report.

4. Financial Statements for the Year Ended December 31, 2009

The Board approved the following recommendation as amended:

  1. The financial statements of TTC Insurance Company Limited for the year ended December 31, 2009; and
  2. Forwarding a copy of the approved financial statements to the shareholders for information.

5. Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule – Ontario Regulation 34/10

The board approved the changes to the automobile insurance coverage provided to the ttc as per the automobile insurance reforms set out under the new Sabs – Ontario regulation 34/10 effective September 1, 2010 provided that the TTC is agreeable to such changes.

6. New Business


The meeting adjourned at 10:42 a.m. 

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