Meeting of Shareholders - June 17, 2020

Meeting Info

Date:Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Location:Virtual Meeting
Meeting No:183
  • Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes

Declaration of Interest - Municipal Conflict of Interest Act


Education/Training (TTC Procedural By-Law Section 29(B) and City of Toronto Act Section 190 (3.1)

Business Arising Out of Minutes


Public Presentations

Requests to speak must be registered by noon of the business day preceding meeting day. A final deputation list will be distributed at the meeting.

Notices of Motions


Motions Without Notice


Items of Which Notice has Previously Been Given

Items Deferred From Last Meeting to Permit Debate/Public Presentation


1. Reports with Confidential Attachments

2. Presentations

3. Other Business

4. New Business

5. Correspondence

A correspondence summary will be distributed at the meeting.
An electronic meeting of the Toronto Coach Terminal Inc. Shareholders was held by video conference on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 commencing at 9:26 a.m.

Present at Public Session

D. Minnan-Wong (Chair), A. Heisey, Q.C. (Vice-Chair), J. De Laurentiis, J. Karygiannis, R. Lalonde, J. McKelvie (TCTI Directors), J. Osborne (TTC Board), S. Conforti (President and General Secretary, TCTI), B. Leck (Vice-President and General Counsel, TCTI)

TTC Staff: G. Downie (Chief Expansion Officer), K. Llewellyn-Thomas (Chief Customer Officer – acting), S. Reed Tanaka (Chief Capital Officer), K. Watson (Deputy CEO – Operations), R. Wong (Chief Vehicle Officer – acting), P. Kraft (Head of Property, Planning and Development), K. Lee (Head - Commission Services) and C. Finnerty (Co-ordinator – Secretariat Services)

B. Leck was in the Chair. 

Declarations of Interest – Corporations Act


Minutes of Previous Meetings

The Shareholder reviewed and approved the minutes of Shareholder Meeting No. 175 held on Thursday, June 12, 2018.and authorized the Chair and General Secretary to sign the same.

Business Arising Out of the Minutes


Public Presentations


Presentations/Reports/Other Business

1. Toronto Coach Terminal Inc. (TCTI) – Election of Director

It is recommended that the Shareholders:

  1. Elect Julie Osborne as a Director of the Toronto Coach Terminal Inc.


2. Consolidated Financial Statements of Toronto Coach Terminal Inc. for the year ended December 31, 2018

The Toronto Coach Terminal Inc. Shareholders received this item for information.

3. Exemption from Audit Requirements 

It is recommended that the Shareholders:

  1. Consent, by signing the attached resolution, to exempt the Toronto Coach Terminal Inc. from an external financial audit for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2019.


4. Toronto Coach Terminal Inc. (TCTI) – Ratification of Accounts, Contracts, By-laws and Proceedings of Directors

It is recommended that the Shareholders:

  1. Pass a resolution ratifying all the accounts, contracts, by-laws and proceedings of the Directors and Officers, since the last Annual General Meeting of the company.

The meeting adjourned at 9:43 a.m.

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