Board Meeting - December 20, 2021 (Special)

Meeting Info

Date:Monday, December 20, 2021
Start Time:10:00 a.m. – Public Session
Location:Virtual Meeting
Meeting No:2061
  • Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes

Board Members

  • Jaye Robinson (Chair)
  • Joanne De Laurentiis (Vice-Chair)
  • Brad Bradford
  • Shelley Carroll
  • Fenton Jagdeo
  • Cynthia Lai
  • Ron Lalonde
  • Jennifer McKelvie
  • Denzil Minnan-Wong
  • Julie Osborne

Land Acknowledgement

Declaration Of Interest - Municipal Conflict Of Interest Act

Presentations/Reports/Other Business

Item 1. TTC’s Advertising Contract (Confidential Attachment - this report contains information related to a position, plan, procedure, criteria or instruction to be applied to any negotiations carried on or to be carried on by the TTC) (For Action)

Item 2. 2022 TTC Conventional and Wheel-Trans Operating Budgets (For Action)

Correspondence submitted by Hamish Wilson.

Item 3. TTC 15-Year Capital Investment Plan, Real Estate Investment Plan and 2022 – 2031 Capital Budget & Plan (For Action)

Toronto Transit Commission Board

A meeting of the TTC Board was held by video conference on Monday, December 20, 2021 commencing at 10:17 a.m. The meeting recessed at 10:23 a.m. to meet as the Committee of the Whole. The Board re-convened the public session at 10:58 a.m.

Present - Committee of the Whole

J. Robinson (Chair), J. De Laurentiis (Vice-Chair), B. Bradford, S. Carroll, F. Jagdeo, C. Lai, R. Lalonde, J. McKelvie, D. Minnan-Wong, J. Osborne (Commissioners), R. Leary (Chief Executive Officer), M. Atlas (General Counsel), K. Campbell (Chief Diversity & Culture Officer), G. Downie (Chief Capital Officer), S. Haskill (Chief Strategy and Customer Officer - Acting), B. Hasserjian (Chief Safety Officer - Acting), J. La Vita (Interim Chief Financial Officer), M. Madigan-Lee (Chief People Officer), F. Monaco (Chief of Infrastructure and Engineering), N. Poole-Moffatt (Chief of Corporate Affairs), J. Ross (Chief Operating Officer), J. Taylor (Chief of Staff), K. Watson (Deputy Chief Executive Officer), R. Wong (Chief Vehicles Officer), M. Cernik (Director - Office and Operational Space), S. Green (Senior Communications Specialist - Media & Issues Management), V. Guzzo (Director - Property), P. Kraft (Head of Property, Planning and Development), K. Thorburn (Head - Corporate Initiatives), C. Finnerty (Director - Commission Services), J. Ishak (Co-ordinator - Secretariat Services) and S. Parmar (Administrator - Secretariat Services) were present

R. Glenn, V. Gupta, J. Kowalski (CreateTO), A. Folosea, P. Matozzo (City of Toronto – Corporate Real Estate Management), T. Khan (Mayor’s Office) and R. Van Fraassen (Chair Robinson’s Office) were also present.

J. Robinson was in the Chair.

Present at Public Session

Land Acknowledgement

Declaration of Interest - Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Business Arising Out of the Minutes

Public Presentations

Presentations/Reports/Other Business

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