ACAT Meeting - June 29, 2017

Meeting Info

Date:Thursday, June 29, 2017
Location:1900 Yonge Street, 7th Floor Boardroom
Meeting No:318
  • Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes

Agenda is not available for this meeting.
Please check the meeting minutes for meeting details.

Agenda is not available for this meeting.
Please check the meeting minutes for meeting details.

Agenda is not available for this meeting.
Please check the meeting minutes for meeting details.

Agenda is not available for this meeting.
Please check the meeting minutes for meeting details.


  • Debbie Gillespie, Chair
  • Angela Marley, Co-Vice Chair
  • Raymond Dell’Aera, Co-Vice Chair
  • Louise Bark
  • Mary Burton
  • Jaspreet Dhaliwal
  • Margaret Hageman
  • Joan Jordan
  • Lynn McCormick
  • Desrianne McIlwrick
  • Craig Nicol
  • Thomas Richardson
  • Lauri Sue Robertson
  • Valdo Tammark
  • Howard Wax

Pool Members

  • Anita Dressler
  • Igor Samardzic


  • Jessica Geboers

TTC Representatives

  • Matt Hagg, Senior Planner, System Accessibility
  • Lodon Hassan, Assistant Manager - Customer Service, Wheel-Trans
  • Eve Wiggins, Head of Wheel-Trans 
  • Donna Harris, Communication Specialist, Wheel-Trans
  • Allan Foster, Project Manager, Farecard Team 
  • Yemi Okewole, Business Analyst, Farecard Team


  • Andy Byford, Chief Executive Officer
  • Richard Leary, Chief Service Officer, Service Delivery Deputy CEO & Chief Customer Officer
  • Kirsten Watson, Deputy Chief Service Officer, Service Delivery
  • Susan Reed Tanaka, Chief Capital Officer Chief Financial & Administration Officer
  • Brad Ross, Executive Director – Corporate Communications
  • Mike Palmer, Chief Operating Officer
  • Eve Wiggins, Head of Wheel-Trans
  • Jacqueline Darwood, Head of Strategy & Service Planning
  • Cheryn Thoun, Head of Customer Communications
  • TTC Board Members

1. Call to Order / Attendance

Debbie Gillespie, ACAT Chair, called the meeting to order and attendance was taken.

2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest


3. Approval of Agenda

On a motion by Howard Wax, seconded by Valdo Tammark, the agenda was approved with the following amendment:

  • A new item was added as Item #16 on the agenda - “Report on Accessibility Advisory Panel for Transportation Services”.

4. Remarks from ACAT Chair, Debbie Gillespie    

  • Debbie Gillespie thanked ACAT members for volunteering to staff the ACAT booth at the People in Motion event. It is a great opportunity to educate the public on the work of ACAT, to network and to learn.
  • In response to the suggestion from ACAT, the deployment of the ramp was included for the first time as a station in the annual Bus Roadeo competition, held at Arrow Road Bus Division on June 25, 2017. Representing ACAT, Co-Vice Chair Raymond Dell'Aera observed and reported. The Operator drove the bus up to a simulated curb; the goal was to stop beside the curb with 6 inches of clearance at the front door, and 12 inches of clearance on the back door. At the same time, the front door was to be lined up between two pylons, so when the vehicle came to a full stop, the ramp could be deployed without touching either of the pylons. There was about an inch clearance between each pylon and the side of the ramp, so it was not an easy challenge. Most Operators cleared this without issue.
  • The TTC has been named North America’s Outstanding Public Transportation System for 2017 by the American Public Transportation System (APTA). Congratulations to Staff for the hard work and commitment.
  • ACAT members were encouraged to attend TTC training recertification classes, attend TTC Board meetings, and other TTC-related events. By doing so, ACAT members are demonstrating their commitment to ACAT and promoting awareness of ACAT to the public.

5. Review and Approval of May 25, 2017 Minutes    

On a motion by Tom Richardson, seconded by Louise Bark, the minutes were approved with the following amendment.

  • Page 10, under New Business: last Paragraph should be replaced with “Louise Bark noted that the TTC should ensure that Streetcar Operators are fully trained on how to effectively assist customers with disabilities to board the Streetcars”

6. Business Arising Out of Minutes/Outstanding Items

  • Item: PRESTO Accessibility Features – Allan Foster and Yemi Okewole provided an update to ACAT on the PRESTO Accessibility Features.
  • Item: Gaps between Subway Trains and Platforms – the TTC Board has requested a more detailed cost analysis on this project. This would be presented to the Board in September, 2017.
  • Item: Suggestion that Wheel-Trans Buses be permitted to use the DVP Bus By-Pass Lanes – Negotiations with the City and TTC are ongoing.
  • Item: Letter to Metrolinx from Andy Byford - At the May 25 ACAT meeting, Andy Byford informed the Committee that a letter would be sent to Metrolinx with respect to harmonizing accessibility standards between TTC and Metrolinx. A letter has been sent and no response has been received yet.
  • Item: Letter to the Property Management of the elevator at Queens Quay Station from Andy Byford for a permanent solution to address the reliability of the elevator. A letter has been sent and no response has been received yet.

7. Deputation – Manon Le Paven

Manon Le Paven raised the following items:

  • Concern with respect to the increase in customers using Wheel-Trans and the lack of sufficient number of buses.
  • There should be more Customer Service Staff to meet the increase in Wheel-Trans customers.

Debbie Gillespie thanked Manon Le Paven for her deputation. This was referred to Wheel-Trans staff and an email response will be forwarded to Ms. Le Paven from ACAT.

8. PRESTO Update     

Allan Foster, Project Manager, Farecard Team and Yemi Okewole presented an update on PRESTO Accessibility Features. The following items were discussed:

  • PRESTO system has been installed on all low-floor streetcars delivered to-date.
  • 43 subway stations are PRESTO-enabled with fare gates including 30 of 40 secondary entrances
  • 26 subway stations are PRESTO-enabled with turnstiles/card readers
  • All Legacy streetcars, Buses and Wheel-Trans buses, and accessible taxis are PRESTO-enabled.
  • PRESTO’s 2017 plan includes:
    • Complete PRESTO installations work at TYSSE stations
    • Complete faregate installations at 26 stations with turnstiles/card readers and complete remaining secondary entrances.
  • Legacy Fare Media Transition Plan – This is still being developed
  • Sales Channel Strategy – Currently, 51 Gateway locations and 10 Shoppers Drug Mart sell PRESTO cards.
  • Significant upgrades are planned for the second half of 2017
  • The Fare Media Vending Device (FMVD) will be piloted at the TYSSE stations. The devices replace Collector Booths, provide all add value machine functions, and dispense PRESTO cards and Limited Use Media (LUM) cards.
  • 97% of PRESTO machines are reported to be working effectively.
Comments and Questions from the Committee Members

Can the Gateway and Shoppers Drug Mart locations add value to the PRESTO cards or do they only sell pre-loaded cards? Allan Foster noted that these locations can do both.

How will the current ACAT and TTC Staff fare cards be incorporated onto PRESTO? Allan Foster noted that the privileges on the current TTC Cards would be available on the PRESTO version as well. The first of these cards would be rolled out in December, 2017.

Are there privacy policies guarding access to customer’s information by Metrolinx and TTC when cards are registered? Allan Foster noted that the system requires little personal information but nonetheless, there are privacy policies in place.

Is there a system in place to accommodate the Support Persons Assistance Card? Allan Foster responded that this is being worked on.

A member noted the Family of Services initiative encourages customers to travel on both Wheel-Trans and conventional vehicles. Will PRESTO cards be programmed to take one fare, then transfers, even though the trip may involve travel in the opposite direction, which currently triggers an additional fare be taken when the card is tapped? Allan Foster responded that the PRESTO software is programmed to recognize transfers between Wheel-Trans and conventional vehicles so that customers are not charged multiple times.

A member suggested that volunteers of the Family of Services Pilot program should be given PRESTO cards. The feedback received from these volunteers would be very helpful in rolling out more upgrades to the cards.

9. Wheel-Trans 10-Year Strategy Update    

Eve Wiggins, Head of Wheel-Trans reported on the following:

The contract to install the first Mobility Transfer Hub at the Meadowvale Loop has been awarded. The installation will begin in September, 2017. Eleven additional Mobility Transfer Hub sites are being reviewed based on customer travel patterns and catchment areas for future customers.

The Family of Services (FoS) Pilot has been launched with 79 volunteers on board. Between January 1, 2017 to date, 3,000 Family of Services trips have been scheduled. The FoS Phase 1 of the Pilot will go on for a period of 2 months.

Wheel-Trans is finalizing its revised No-Show and Late Cancellation Policy. The draft will be presented to the WTOS once available.

The new Pro-Master Bus is scheduled for delivery. The new bus will have the new TTC livery on them and the request for adjustments submitted by the WTOS and TTC have been executed.

Questions and Comments from Committee Members

A member emphasized the importance of communicating to customers about the changes in location of Wheel-Trans stops, particularly in locations such as hospitals.

10. Subcommittee Reports and Updates    

Design Review Subcommittee (DRS) – Craig Nicol, Chair

A DRS meeting was held on June 7, 2017. The items discussed were:

VISION Project Update

Anthony Clunies, Project Manager for the TTC VISION (Vehicle Information System and Integrated Operations Network) program, presented an update to the Subcommittee and noted the following:

  • The system is intended to improve customer service through improved vehicle assignment and collection of information for scheduling and maintenance purposes.
  • Nine buses have been retrofitted with the new system and the entire fleet, including streetcars, is expected to be equipped by Q4 2018
  • Through integration of information (passenger loading, traffic etc.), vehicle scheduling can more readily be adjusted to respond to demand.
  • The system will control the route and destination signage and announcements as well as stop announcements and will make updating of this information easier and faster.

DRS advised on the following:

  • While in revenue service, the system needs to maintain safety and accessibility features when the bus engine is turned off.
  • On express routes, the next stop announcement which occurs when arriving at a stop should say “arriving at xxx”, as implemented in the subway.
  • The system could aid the Family of Services initiative in coordinating transfers between Wheel-Trans and conventional service.

PRESTO Update, MFTP Device

Marvin Findlayter from the TTC Farecard Team reviewed the design of the Mobile Fare Transaction Processor (MFTP).

  • The MFTP will be in the hands of the Operator and enable PRESTO fare payment, query of card information including balance and transaction history.
  • The device has audio capability and includes an audio jack for privacy.

DRS recommended the following:

  • The card balance should only be displayed on MFTP devices given that they would be in the possession of the Operator. Displaying the card balance on other PRESTO devices installed in buses and streetcars would be a privacy issue.
  • Balance display is a valued accessible feature for customers who cannot easily access other ways of checking their balance.
  • For privacy, the audio mode should default to off every time a new card is tapped.

DRS Outstanding List

  • The report regarding the gap between subway trains and platforms is being improved with a more detailed cost analysis and is expected to go before the TTC Board in September, 2017.
  • Accessibility between GO Transit and TTC at Scarborough Town Centre will improve with new fare gate installation in the fall of 2017.

Other Business

  • DRS expects to review the Eglinton Crosstown interchange station and bus platform designs in summer of 2017.

The next DRS meeting is scheduled for July 5, 2017.

Communication Subcommittee (CS) – Margaret Hageman, Chair

A CS meeting was held on June 8, 2017. The items discussed were:

New Streetcar Education Program – Staff reported that the video filming date is scheduled for July 2017. As soon as a specific date is selected, staff would ask CS members for volunteers.

Toronto Rocket Subway Map – Deborah Brown advised that this item is now completed.

Wheel-Trans Stops at Subway Stations – Deborah Brown stated that this item is on hold and an update would be provided when Wheel-Trans staff have moved forward.

Accessibility Tips – This item is ongoing.

CS reviewed the 2017 TTC Accessibility-Related Communication Materials:

  • Wheel-Trans Access Newsletter
  • ACAT Pamphlet
  • Handbook for Accessible Travel
  • Accessibility Tips for new Riders Using Conventional Transit
  • Support Persons Assistance Card
  • PRESTO Wheel-Trans Brochure
  • Wheel-Trans 10-year Strategy Pamphlet

CS recommended that they be provided with an opportunity to review accessibility-related communication materials at the first meeting of every year. Three items will come forward to CS each year for reviewing and update:

  • ACAT Brochure
  • Handbook for Accessible Travel
  • Tips for new riders using accessible transit

The recommendation went to a vote and passed unanimously.

Deborah Brown introduced Donna Harris, Wheel-Trans Communications Specialist, who is currently working on the Family of Services and Community Buses update communication plan. Once this is developed and available, the information will be made available to CS members so that presentation can be made at seniors’ residences and other outreaches.

The TTC website now includes bus bay location maps on the Subway Station Description pages for Broadview, Castle Frank, Bathurst, Victoria Park, Finch, Eglinton West, Dundas West, Donlands, Coxwell, Sheppard West, Davisville, and Don Mills stations.

Regarding the “You’ve Said It Campaign”, staff stated that some of the messages in the campaign include accessibility even though it is not categorically stated.

Wheel-Trans Operations Subcommittee (WTOS) – Lynn McCormick, Chair

A WTOS meeting was held on June 2, 2017. Angela Marley chaired the meeting on behalf of Lynn McCormick and provided the report to ACAT.

Donna Harris introduced herself as the Communications Specialist to work on Wheel-Trans communications.

David Tonon, Acting Manager of Lakeshore Garage, presented the chart of comments from the April 4, 2017 ACAT review of the Pro Master Bus. The next review is planned for August 2017 when the bus is to be delivered. Twenty Pro Master Buses are scheduled to be in service in 2017.

The Family of Services pilot is underway. The Staff AODA training continues and the contract to install the Mobility Transit Hub at Meadowvale bus loop has been awarded.

Lodon Hassan reported on the applications received from January 1 to May 29, 2017. There have been 4,700 applications received and 4,363 applicants have been registered for Wheel Trans service.

On June 6, 2017, WTOS met with Ken Nwosu, Project Manager, ITS, for an update on the new Scheduling and Dispatch System. The meeting was held together with the consultants who are preparing the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the system. WTOS members provided their feedback regarding the process of Wheel-Trans registrants booking their rides.

The next WTOS meeting will be held on July 13, 2017 at 580 Commissioners Street.

Service Planning Subcommittee (SPS) – Valdo Tammark, Chair

No SPS meeting was held since the last ACAT meeting.


11. ACAT Subcommittee Meeting Highlights for the Next TTC Board Meeting    


  • The VISION (Vehicle Information System and Integrated Operations Network) Project can improve data sharing to streamline integration of Wheel-Trans and conventional services.
  • PRESTO update - the Mobile Fare Transaction Processor brings PRESTO to Wheel-Trans users.
  • A fare media transition strategy, from Legacy to PRESTO, is outstanding and the late delivery of Fare Media Vending Device impacts ending the use of the Legacy fare media.


  • Members met with staff and consultants who are preparing the RFP for the Scheduling and Dispatch System Update.

12. Report on TTC Board Meeting and Accessibility Matters    

Raymond Dell’Aera reported that the TTC Board Meeting was on June 15, 2017 at City Hall.

The April ACAT meeting minutes were received by the Board. Debbie Gillespie provided the highlights of ACAT activities across its Subcommittees.

The Board dealt with three items relating to accessibility. The first was the King Street Pilot, which will prioritize transit along King Street from Bathurst to Jarvis. The Board approved the City’s plan after some discussion; this is notable because it lacked mention of accessibility. Although the Design Review Subcommittee received a presentation on the pilot from City staff in May, the design and traffic operations of the pilot area have not been finalized, and these details will have accessibility implications for customers using either streetcars or Wheel-Trans.

A deputant who operates an accessible taxi van spoke about the TTC’s policy of requiring contracted Wheel-Trans Operators to have vans supporting a side-entry ramp, claiming that this is unfair to those who have invested in vehicles with only rear-entry for mobility devices. A subsequent deputant speaking as a person with disability explained the rationale for the policy that the side-entry ramp enables safe pick-ups and drop-offs where there is no curb ramp, and also described the cramped conditions when occupying the mobility device seating position in rear-entry vehicles.

TTC staff presented an Express Bus Network study which recommended improvements to the express bus service to be implemented over the next several years. Improvements to the express bus network encourage and support more spontaneous trip-making, which is an important part of making the conventional system attractive to potential new customers, such as Wheel-Trans registrants and to all travelers in Toronto.

13. Report on Customer Liaison Panel (CLP) – Margaret Hageman, ACAT Representative    

No ACAT representative attended the last CLP meeting.

14. Election of ACAT Representative to Customer Liaison Panel    

Margaret Hageman advised the Committee that she is stepping down as ACAT’s CLP representative for 2017. Margaret Hageman moved to nominate Tom Richardson as the new ACAT representative on the CLP and this was seconded by Howard Wax.

Howard Wax nominated Lauri Sue Robertson, who declined and Louise Bark nominated herself seconded by Howard Wax.

ACAT members elected Tom Richardson to represent ACAT on the CLP for the remaining 2017 term.

15. CEO Update


16. Report on Accessibility Advisory Panel for Transportation Services (AAPTS) – Valdo Tammark, ACAT Representative

The AAPTS held its meeting on June 28, 2017.

The focus of the meeting was the need to standardize and enforce rules governing patios and marketing stands that extend to driveways. This is still being looked at by Staff.

17. Review of Correspondence    


18. Other / New Business

Lauri Sue Robertson asked if securement devices are available on the Community Buses and what rules apply to customers on the need to have their mobility devices secured.

Matt Hagg noted that since the Community Buses are managed by Wheel-Trans, the same rules of device securement will be applied on the Community Buses. In short, yes, customers who use mobility devices on these vehicles will need to be secured.

19. Next Meeting

The next meeting of ACAT will be held on Thursday, July 27, 2017, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 1900 Yonge Street, 7th Floor Boardroom.

20. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

Temi Omope
Recording Secretary
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