ACAT Meeting

Meeting Info

Date:Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Start Time:Cancelled
Meeting No:
  • Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes


Agenda is not available for this meeting.
Please check the meeting minutes for meeting details.




  • Raymond Dell’Aera, Chair
  • Mazin Aribi, Co-Vice Chair
  • Desrianne McIlwrick, Co-Vice Chair
  • Louise Bark
  • Anita Dressler
  • Debbie Gillespie
  • Angela Marley
  • Lynn McCormick
  • Marian McDonell
  • Bobbi Moore
  • Craig Nicol
  • Thomas Richardson
  • Lauri Sue Robertson

Pool Members

  • Scott McArthur
  • Angela Rebeiro
  • Igor Samardzic


  • Mary Burton
  • Jessica Geboers

TTC Representatives

  • Rick Leary, Acting Chief Executive Officer
  • Eve Wiggins, Head of Wheel-Trans
  • Matt Hagg, Senior Planner, System Accessibility
  • Lodon Hassan, Assistant Manager - Customer Service, Wheel-Trans
  • Charlene Sharpe, Business Analyst, Wheel Trans
  • Martin Wiegers, Instructor, Bus Transportation
  • Aislin O’Hara, Project Lead - Customer Service, Wheel Trans
  • Donna Harris, Customer Communications
  • Thamina Jaferi, Diversity and Human Rights


  • Rick Leary, Acting Chief Executive Officer
  • Kirsten Watson, Acting Deputy CEO/Chief Customer Officer
  • Collie Greenwood, Acting Deputy Chief Service Officer
  • Susan Reed Tanaka, Chief Capital Officer
  • Tara Bal, Chief Financial Officer
  • Brad Ross, Executive Director – Corporate Communications
  • Mike Palmer, Chief Operating Officer
  • Eve Wiggins, Head of Wheel-Trans
  • Jacqueline Darwood, Head of Strategy & Service Planning
  • Deborah Brown, Acting Head of Customer Communications
  • TTC Board Members

1. Call to Order / Attendance

2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Remarks from ACAT Chair Raymond Dell’Aera

5. Review and Approval

6. Business Arising Out of Minutes/Outstanding Items

7. Deputation

8. Announcement of Subcommittee Membership

9. Training Department  – Bus Recertification Sessions

10. Subcommittee Reports and Updates

11. ACAT Subcommittee Meeting Highlights for the Next TTC Board Meeting

12. Wheel-Trans 10-Year Strategy Update 

13. Report on Customer Liaison Panel (CLP) – Tom Richardson, ACAT Representative

14. Report on TTC Board Meeting and Accessibility Matters

15. CEO Update

16. Review of Correspondence

17. Guidelines for Presenters at ACAT Meetings

18. Other / New Business

19. Next Meeting

20. Adjournment

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