ACAT Meeting - November 25, 2010

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Date:Thursday, November 25, 2010
Location:1900 Yonge Street, 7th Floor Boardroom
Meeting No:234
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  • Meeting Minutes

Agenda is not available for this meeting.
Please check the meeting minutes for meeting details.

Agenda is not available for this meeting.
Please check the meeting minutes for meeting details.

Agenda is not available for this meeting.
Please check the meeting minutes for meeting details.

Agenda is not available for this meeting.
Please check the meeting minutes for meeting details.


  • Susan Davidson (Chair)
  • Mazin Aribi
  • Bill Castor
  • Adam Cohoon
  • Heather Green (Vice Chair)
  • Angela Marley
  • Marian McDonell (Vice Chair)
  • Carol Anne Monet
  • Robert Muzzy
  • Craig Nicol
  • Anna Noviss
  • Elaine Prescod
  • Sam Savona

Pool Members

  • Dorothy Creaser


  • Scott McArthur
  • Angela Rebeiro

TTC Representatives

  • Evelyn Gartner
  • Bill Frost
  • Tom McPherson
  • Glenn Johnston
  • Michelle Jones


  • Gary Webster
  • Rick Cornacchia
  • Al Chocorlan
  • Vince Rodo
  • John Sepulis
  • Dave Dixon
  • Mitch Stambler
  • TTC Commissioners

1. Call to Order / Attendance

Susan Davidson, Chair, called the meeting to order and attendance was taken.

2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest


3. Approval of Agenda

On motion of Bill Castor and seconded by Mazin Aribi, ACAT approved the agenda, as amended.

4. Review and Approval of  October 28, 2010  Minutes

On motion of Sam Savona and seconded by Bill Castor, ACAT approved the minutes of October 28, 2010, as amended, on consensus.

5. Business Arising from Minutes/Outstanding Items

a) Former ACAT Member Email Distribution List
The Committee discussed the possibility of maintaining an email list that would allow ACAT members and supporters to subscribe to a mailing list that would keep them apprised of ACAT meetings.  This idea was declined due to ACAT meetings being public, meeting notice is posted online, and the administration of the list would be unwieldy.

b) Outstanding Items List
It was noted that Outstanding Items remain on the ACAT outstanding items list listed for one month after completion.


6. Deputations - Tom Robson

Tom Robson made his deputation regarding TTC customer service and accessibility issues.  His concerns related to the response that he received from Adam Giambrone regarding a previous concern, lost items, and a recent incident he witnessed, which involved a friend who needed Wheel-Trans assistance.

Bill Frost discussed the details regarding the specific incident that Mr. Robson referred to and advised that the situation was resolved as Wheel-Trans provided service to Mr. Robson’s friend.

Several Committee members supported the TTC in that the response to Mr. Robson's concern that was provided by Mr. Giambrone had been thoroughly investigated. The Committee outlined the lost item policy to Mr. Robson and provided examples on how it is carried out. Several Committee members felt that some of the issues Mr. Robson brought forward were better dealt with through TTC Customer Service.

7. Subcommittee Reports and Updates

Administration Subcommittee

Susan Davidson reported that the Administration Subcommittee is currently reviewing Subcommittee Guidelines.

Communications Subcommittee

Heather Green (Chair) advised that the Communications Subcommittee did not meet in November.

Design Review Subcommittee (DRS)

Craig Nicol (Chair) advised that the Design Review Subcommittee held three meetings in November. Sheppard East LRT, LRV design, and Don Mills Station configuration options were discussed. The Subcommittee expects an update on the Eglinton Cross Town line in January. The Subcommittee discussed that their Elevator Redundancy Motion needs to be reinforced with the Commission. Craig Nicol will request time at the January Commission meeting to make a deputation regarding elevator redundancy.

Service Planning Subcommittee

Anna Noviss (Chair) reported that the Service Planning Subcommittee met twice in November. John Chamberlain attended a Service Planning Subcommittee meeting to discuss Station Manager functions. The Subcommittee continues to form their submission on TTC Customer Service and review other subcommittee feedback regarding the Public Forum.

The Subcommittee requested that Anna Noviss bring forward a Motion on maintaining an accessible route at interchange stations for transfer between Rapid Transit lines.

On motion of Anna Noviss and seconded by Sam Savona, ACAT unanimously approved the Service Planning Subcommittee motion on maintaining an accessible route at interchange stations for transfer between rapid transit lines.

Dependence on an elevator to provide an accessible route in a transit facility can, at a time of breakdown or scheduled maintenance of the elevator, result in persons with disabilities either being unable to make a trip or require them to follow a circuitous, time-consuming alternate route.

To maintain effective accessible transit service when an elevator is out of service, ACAT recommends the Commission undertake to design and construct accessibility redundancy at all transfer stations between rapid transit lines (Subway, RT, and LRT) such that it is always possible to transfer between rapid transit lines at the transfer stations in the event of an elevator failure.

For example, to maintain an accessible connection between train platforms in existing and new stations, this could mean:

  1. Provision of duplicate elevators; or
  2. The use of ramps and other passive features which are not dependent on equipment subject to breakdown.

A letter outlining the two motions will be forwarded to the Commission by the Chair.

Wheel-Trans Operations Subcommittee

The Wheel-Trans Operations Subcommittee met on November 10, 2010 and continues to discuss Service Planning Subcommittee referrals.

8. Report on Commission Meeting and Accessibility Matters

Marian McDonell reported on the September 30th Commission meeting. Agenda items included: Encouraging Wheel-Trans passengers to use conventional system, Subway Station extension names, ODSP Subsidization presentation, Customer Service Panel Report update, and a passenger audit in June regarding common subway rider concerns.

9. Internet Trip Planner - Second Phase

Michelle Jones, Project Manager, ITS Department, provided information regarding the second phase of the Internet Trip Planner project.

Phase II of the Internet Trip Planner was tested by a cross section of 40 TTC riders in a testing facility and individual homes. The test results provided recommendations for improvements to the interface, interaction, and accessibility which were recorded and categorized.

The following improvements were made to the Internet Trip Planner: improved address matching and selection, streamlined trip itineraries, customized fully accessible map controls, inclusion of walking times in overall trip time, and more accessible coding. Improvements were made to the map features and the Quick Trip Planners.

10. Other / New Business

The following was provided to ACAT members: an HRDC pamphlet that promotes a fair and accurate portrayal of people with disabilities, Zone Bus Service Areas and Schedules.

Ramp and Lift Deployment

Mazin Aribi referred to an Operator Notice from Bob Thacker, General Superintendent – Bus Transportation, regarding direction to staff concerning manual ramp and lift deployment. As ACAT was unaware of this communication, they requested that any staff directive concerning accessibility issues be shared with the ACAT Chair.

Heather Green advised that Bob Thacker told her that a new device is currently being developed to help drivers deploy ramps manually.

Tom McPherson advised that he will remind all senior staff to bring accessibility issues to ACAT.

Disability Awareness Day
On December 3, 2010, ACAT members are invited to attend a Disability Awareness Day at Variety Village, where Wheel-Trans will have a booth and display. A shuttle bus will operate from Main Station to Variety Village.

11. Next Meeting

The next meeting of ACAT will be held on Thursday, December 16, 2010, in the 7th floor Boardroom, 1900 Yonge Street.

12. Adjournment

On a motion by Carol Ann Monet, the meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

Lori Blinn
Recording Secretary

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