501queenDetour via King Street continues

Effective October 10, 2021

501 QUEEN streetcars will continue their detour routing to Charlotte Loop via Parliament Street and King Street, as track and overhead upgrades continue. Streetcar service will continue on this routing until it is restored to Wolesley Loop as of January 2022.

In the east, cars will turn back at Russell Carhouse while overhead upgrades are completed between Russell Carhouse and Woodbine Loop. A new replacement bus branch, 501N (Neville Park-Commissioners) will be scheduled to replace streetcar service. 503 KINGSTON RD cars will continue to operate through this area as upgrades are ongoing. 

Schedules and running times on the 501L (Long Branch-Broadview) and 501H (Humber-Broadview) replacement buses will be adjusted to improve service reliability.

For clarity and consistency, the 501P branch will be re-lettered as 501H in the westbound direction. In the eastbound direction, 501J destination signs will be changed to 501B.

301 QUEEN overnight service will be operated by buses to reduce transfers for customers traversing the various construction zones across the city.

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