King-Queen-Queensway-Roncesvalles (KQQR) Construction

City and TTC working to improve the intersection of KQQR
Effective March 14, 2023

Infrastructure Upgrades

The City of Toronto and TTC have coordinated major infrastructure upgrades in the King Street West, Queen Street West, The Queensway, and Roncesvalles Avenue (KQQR) area:


  • rehabilitation of the Parkside Drive Bridge at The Queensway
  • watermain replacement
  • sewer relining
  • new Hydro infrastructure
  • TTC track reconstruction
  • new and upgraded TTC platforms
  • KQQR intersection reconfiguration
  • road reconstruction
  • new and modified traffic signals (KQQR, Glendale Avenue and Sunnyside Ave)
  • streetscaping
  • Beaty Parkette Reconfiguration


Update as of March 14, 2023


Roncesvalles Avenue

Re-opening of Roncesvalles Avenue is scheduled for March 14, 2023. An interim 504 King bus service will return on Roncesvalles Avenue and provide service to and from Dundas West Station. Work will continue after this period with the installation of accessible TTC streetcar track platforms and overhead wiring, with only lane restrictions as necessary. Pending completion of this work, regular 504 King streetcar service to Dundas West Station is scheduled to return May 7, 2023. 



The Queensway

As part of work being completed on The Queensway (Parkside Drive to Roncesvalles Avenue), the contractor has uncovered conflicts with underground utilities that require modifications to the designs. The Stage 2 work is now expected to be complete in Spring 2023. Upon completion, all travel lanes on The Queensway will be restored and northbound access to Sunnyside Avenue from The Queensway will be reinstated. 


For TTC service information during this work, see Service Changes below.

- 504/304 King

- 501 Queen


For further project information, see City of Toronto webpage.

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