University Avenue at Adelaide Street - ventilation shaft repairs

Starting April 25, 2022
Effective April 25, 2022

What we are doing and why

TTC will begin state of good repair to two subway ventilation shafts on University Avenue just south of Adelaide Street West. The vent shafts are situated on the east and west sidewalks. This work is scheduled for completion in eight weeks, weather permitting.


Sidewalk and traffic restrictions

  • Sidewalk access will be maintained at both work areas.
  • Access to the laneways on both sidewalks near the vent shafts will be maintained.
  • For safety, the two curb lanes on University Avenue between Adelaide Street and Pearl Street will be closed. The curb lanes will also be used for material and equipment storage. Traffic will merge on the approach to Adelaide Street and on the approach to Pearl Street.


Work includes

  • Replacement of the metal grate.
  • Rehabilitation of the concrete and steel beam support structure, requiring the removal of the top 0.6 metres (2 feet) of concrete along the shaft perimeter.
  • Restoring the surface area surrounding the vent after repairs are completed. There will be a period when work will be suspended for concrete curing time.
  • The sidewalk on the west sidewalk near the vent shaft is uneven and will be replaced by TTC after the vent shaft work is completed.



A concrete saw-cutter, hand-held power chipping tools, a generator, scaffolding, a small crane, and concrete truck as required.


Work hours and timeline

Starting April 25, 2022 for approximately eight weeks. To help expedite completion, work will be scheduled from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays. Occasionally, the TTC crew will work on Saturdays after 9 a.m.


In preparation for the work, some overnight activity is required. Beginning on April 25 at 12:01 a.m., crews will begin setting up a safe work zone for both vent shafts, and installing supports to secure a work platform inside each of the vent shafts from street level. The support installation work for both vent shafts will be conducted overnight during the course of the first week. Efforts will be made to keep noise to a minimum. Overnight work will also be required for the removal of the platform upon completion of the work.



Once the platform is safely installed inside the vent shafts, the loudest noise will occur during the day time hours involving concrete saw-cutting and removals.

Thank you for your patience during this essential infrastructure repair work.


For further information

Paul Tran, Senior Community Liaison, 647-461-5133;

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