King Station Capacity Enhancement Project - utility chamber investigation

Effective January 29, 2024

What we are doing and why:

The TTC is currently planning for capacity improvements at King Station to improve pedestrian flow and improve the overall customer experience.


Crews on behalf of TTC will be conducting early investigation work for the design phase of this project starting as early as January 29, 2024. This includes inspection of 13 Toronto Hydro chambers and CCTV inspection of sewer lines within the City road right-of-way. This work is expected to last approximately three weeks.


What to expect:

  • Some noise and vibration can be expected for temporary periods as a result of water pumping.
  • A contractor’s vehicle will stop behind the location of each chamber as it is investigated, so a traffic lane will be temporarily closed. Traffic cones will be set up around the work area for safety. If a chamber is flooded, then there will also be a pumping vehicle parked in the same lane.
  • There will be no interruptions to transit service as part of this investigative work.
  • Temporary sidewalk closures will be needed.
  • Majority of the work is expected to take place between 8pm – 6am.


For further information:

Gurjeet Kaur, Senior Community Liaison Officer, 437-551-4407;


If you would like to be added to the project email list (in order to receive future updates about this project), please email at

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