Keele Subway Bridge - subway track cross-over replacement

Mid-May to late July 2022
Effective May 9, 2022

What we are doing and why

Starting mid-May to late July 2022, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will replace the double cross-over track on the Keele Subway Bridge, which carries Line 2 over the TTC Keele Commuter Parking Lot and Indian Road east of Keele Station.


Work hours

This type of work can only be carried out overnight during periods that the subway is not operating. Some early evening subway closures (starting at 11 p.m.) and some weekend subway closures will be scheduled during this project. Crews will work around-the-clock during the weekend closures.


Preliminary activities/work

Some preliminary and essential activities are required prior to the start of the cross-over track replacement work.


  • Site preparation (Keele Parking Lot)

    Beginning May 9, 2022, the north side of the Keele Commuter Parking lot will be closed. This area of the lot will be used for material/equipment storage and laydown for new and old track.

    The north side of the lot will be blocked off with a fence. TTC crews and equipment/vehicle access to and from the lot will be off Indian Road as shown in the image.


  • Advanced track preparation (overnight)

Some preparation work at track level and removal of the ballast (stones) to expose the track and ties to be replaced will be conducted over a period of nights prior to removal/replacement of rail. Ballast is removed in an efficient manner using a high-pressure vacuum system attached to a subway work-car that avoids causing damage to existing underground cabling and possible disruptions to subway service. This work will occur nightly from May 16 to May 22 after subway service ends, and nightly from May 23 to May 27.


Keele Subway Yard

Subway work-cars required for this track replacement project will be stored at Keele Yard for the duration of the project.



Noise will be evident when equipment/subway work-cars and cranes are in full operation. Subway work-cars will be required to use their horns from time to time as a safety protocol to alert all crew personnel at track level that a subway work-car/vehicle will move in either direction. Crews will also use power tools during their overnight shifts.


TTC service and station access

Subway service will continue to operate uninterrupted both ways through the area during regular hours at a reduced speed for the duration of this project. The station entrance from the Keele Parking Lot will be open during regular subway hours.


Additional details will be provided in a future notice prior to the removal of the existing track. Thank you for your patience as we work to maintain safe subway service.


For further information: Paul Tran, Senior Community Liaison Officer, M: 647-461-5133,

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