Dundas West Station - streetcar track renewal and platform expansion

April 11 to June 18, 2022
Effective April 11, 2022


The streetcar track reconstruction work inside Dundas West Station is progressing well.


Next Stages - beginning Monday, May 9, 2022

Track replacement work will move to Edna Avenue and on Dundas Street West north of Boor Street West, and permanent track repairs in an area south of Bloor Street West. In addition, modifications (bump-out) to the eastbound streetcar stop on Dundas Street West east of Roncesvalles Avenue will be conducted - details will be provided in a future notice.

Waste Collection: Follow normal routines. Ensure your bins are labelled with the correct address.


TTC Service - Effective Sunday, May 8

  • Streetcars and buses will be restricted from entering the work zone near Dundas West Station. Subway operations at Dundas West Station will be maintained. Details on the reverse side.


Traffic and local access

For each work location below, road closures/restrictions will be up to 30 days starting Monday, May 9.

Street parking may be temporarily restricted on Dundas Street, north of Edna Avenue in the vicinity of rail panel storage areas. 


During work on Edna Avenue

  • Edna Avenue will be closed to traffic from the station’s streetcar exit to Dundas Street West. Sidewalk access will be maintained. Access to the laneway off Edna Avenue just east of Dorval Road will be maintained.


During work on Dundas Street West, north of Bloor Street:

  • Southbound: will be closed to traffic at Edna Avenue.
  • Access to The Crossways’ driveway will be maintained. Advance construction traffic signage will be posted advising southbound motorists of the road closure at Edna Avenue. Other construction traffic signage will be posted in the area.
  • Northbound: will be reduced to one lane through the construction zone.
  • Parking on Dundas Street West north of Bloor Street (Taxi Stand) will be restricted.
  • Access to the zipcar parking lot located adjacent to the Dundas West Station will be restricted from Dundas Street West. Alternate access to/from the lot is from a laneway off Dorval Road, one block west of the Bloor/Dundas intersection.


During work on Dundas Street West, south of Bloor Street:

  • In order to complete the permanent repairs, traffic restrictions will be necessary.
  • Northbound: one lane of traffic will be maintained through the work zone.
  • Southbound: will be closed at Bloor Street West. Local access only to 2323 Dundas Street will be maintained.

Note: As part of track renewal projects, equipment and materials are stored close to the site. Rail panels will be delivered to the site on flatbeds. Some flatbeds will be temporary stored on Dundas Street West and on Edna Avenue for a short period of time prior to being installed.


Work activities and work hours

  • Major construction activities, including concrete breaking, excavation and rail removal will take place from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • New rail installation will involve periods of late evening hours, overnight work hours and extended weekend hours by TTC crews - moving rails into position, rail installation and rail welding / grinding. Efforts will be made to keep avoidable noise to a minimum.

Overhead wiring work will take place after track removal/installation.                                                                      

TTC service - May 8 to June 18, 2022

Subway operations at Dundas West Station will be maintained. Customer/pedestrian access to the station will be maintained. All surface routes will be restricted from entering Dundas West Station and the work zone surrounding the station. All service will be rerouted. Routings are subject to change.


  • 40 Junction-Dundas West: Buses will operate to Dufferin Station via: Eastbound: east on Dundas Street, east on Dupont Street and south on Dufferin St to Bloor St. Westbound: from Dufferin Station, west on Bloor St, north on Lansdowne Ave, west on Dupont St, west on Dundas St to route.


  • 168 Symington: Buses will operate to Dufferin Station via south on Symington Ave, east on Bloor St and north of Dufferin St to Dufferin Station. Northbound:  north on Dufferin St, west on Dupont St, south Lansdowne Ave, west Bloor St and north on Symington Ave to route.


  • 504C King: Replacement buses will continue to be extended to High Park Station. Westbound: north on Roncesvalles Ave, west on Bloor Street West, serving Dundas West Station on-street at Bloor/Dundas intersection. Eastbound: from High Park Station east Bloor Street West, south Parkside Drive, east Howard Park Avenue, south Roncesvalles Avenue to route.


  • 505 Dundas: Streetcars will continue to divert to High Park loop via Howard Park Avenue


  • 306 Carlton: Overnight streetcars will be replaced with buses, and extended to High Park Station: Westbound: west on College Street, west on Dundas Street West, west on Bloor Street West to High Park Station. Eastbound: From High Park Station, east on Bloor Street West, south on Parkside Avenue, east on Howard Park Avenue, east on Dundas Street West, east on College Street West to route.


  • 312 St Clair-Junction Night: Buses will operate to Keele Station via Keele Street.


  • 402 Parkdale Community Bus: Will detour as required.


    TTC Service - Effective June 19

  • 505 Dundas: Streetcars will continue to operate to High Park Loop until streetcar overhead restoration at Dundas West Station is complete.
  • 306 Carlton: Overnight streetcars will continue to be replaced with buses, operating to Dundas West Station.

    Thank you for your patience as we work to improve transit infrastructure in Toronto.


    For further information on the project

    Diego Sinagoga, Senior Community Liaison Officer, M: 647-468-4183, diego.sinagoga@ttc.ca


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