501 Queen temporary changes to Wolseley Loop

Starting February 13, 2022

What we are doing and why

Starting February 13, Queen streetcars will resume service on Queen Street to Bathurst Street, turning back at Wolseley Loop for the return eastbound trip, as work continues further west.


The service changes/diversion will continue until work in the west end allows for safe streetcar operations.


TTC service – starting February 13, 2022

501 Queen streetcars are scheduled to operate between Neville Park Loop and Wolseley Loop.

  • - 501L Queen buses will operate between Long Branch and Broadview Avenue.
  • - 501H Queen buses will operate between Park Lawn Loop and Broadview Avenue.
  • - 301 Queen night buses will operate between Long Branch Loop and Neville Park Loop.


Thank you for your patience as we maintain reliable TTC service during the overhead upgrades and track construction in 2022.


For further information:

Paul Tran, Community Liaison Officer, 647-461-5133, paul.tran@ttc.ca

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