TTC statement on release of Customer Service Advisory Panel report and recommendations

In February this year, Toronto Transit Commission staff sought approval from its board to establish an independent panel to review and make recommendations on improving customer service at the TTC. The panel began its work in March, led by Steve O’Brien, General Manager of One King West Hotel and Residence.

The report presented today, “Improving the TTC Experience: Laying the Tracks for a New Era of Customer Service” (available at, is a blue print that will allow the TTC to renew its efforts in improving customer service. The TTC agrees that a focus on customer service is necessary to re-engage with its 1.5 million daily riders. The panel was asked to provide recommendations to help improve customers’ experience. The TTC believes the panel achieved that today.

The TTC is Canada’s largest public transit provider, and third largest transit system in North America, employing some 12,000 men and women. Staff will now conduct a fulsome review of the panel’s report and recommendations, and report back to the Commission on Sept. 30 with how it intends to proceed.

“I would like to thank Mr. O’Brien and his panel for their thoughtfulness, dedication, and hard work, said TTC Chair, Adam Giambrone. “The professionalism with which they tackled this difficult task is evident in their report, and a testament to their civic mindedness and commitment to serving the public.”

“The advisory panel had TTC staff’s full co-operation to ensure their report was well-informed and would, ultimately, provide practical recommendations for us,” said TTC Chief General Manager, Gary Webster. “I’d like to thank those employees who took the time to assist the panel in their efforts. And we look forward to working with all TTC employees in improving customer service.”

The TTC thanks those customers who provided feedback to the panel through interviews, email and online comments. The people of Toronto have always been passionate about transit, demonstrating a deep interest in the TTC. The panel was struck to help the TTC meet the growing expectations customers have of their transit system. With this report, begins a new era of customer service at the Toronto Transit Commission.

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