Every time a trip is cancelled on the day of service, it is essentially wasted. This is a ride that could have been used by another customer, a customer like you! Each one of these cancelled trips costs Wheel-Trans/ TTC approximately $30, or close to $6 million dollars each year.

What is a Late Cancellation?
• A Late Cancellation is any trip which is cancelled on the same day of service.

What is a No-Show or C.A.D. (Cancel at the Door)?
• A No-Show occurs when a vehicle arrives at the designated pick-up time, waits five minutes, and the customer cannot be located.
• C.A.D.'s occur when the customer informs the driver at the pick-up location that they will no longer be taking the scheduled trip.
• To avoid a Late Cancellation, please ensure you cancel your trip by 11:00 pm the night before or the earlier the better.
• The policy forgives Late Cancellations and No-Shows up to a maximum of 4 days each month regardless of the number of trips scheduled on those days.

Customers who exceed the policy are subject to a service suspension.

Policy Actions
The 1st  occurrence when the Late Cancellation/No-Show Policy is exceeded, an Advisory Letter will be mailed to you.
A 2nd occurrence will result in a seven (7) day service suspension.
A 3rd occurrence will result in a fourteen (14) day service suspension.
A 4th occurrence will result in a thirty (30) day service suspension.
A 5th occurrence will result in a sixty (60) day service suspension.

Note: Once a customer has adhered to the Late Cancellation/No-Show Policy for a period of 6 consecutive months, all previous policy violations will be removed.  Only trips for medical purposes will continue to be permitted during a period of service suspension.