Your Personal Favourites Address List is used for booking your trips on the internet or on the RideLine.  If you have already provided these addresses to us or will not use internet or RideLine trip booking, it is not necessary to these addresses. You may also add additional addresses to your Personal Address List.  Keep a copy of these addresses for your own information.

Email your list to: Be sure to include your Registration Number, Mobility Device and your email address.

You may choose a home, work, pick-up and up to nine (9) favourites.  Be sure to include the correct numerical address (eg. 1900 Yonge Street), the closest intersection (eg. Yonge and Davisville), building type (eg. office building) and the entrance (eg. main).

Personal information is collected under the authority of the City of Toronto Act, 1997 (No.2) S.O. 1997, Chapter 26, Part IV, Section 30 and will be used to assist in booking your Wheel-Trans rides. Questions regarding this collection should be directed to Wheel-Trans at (416) 393-4180.