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Dwight Belgrove on an escalator

Dwight Belgrove

The steel drum has always been a part of Dwight Belgrove’s life. His father and some friends formed a band around the time he was born, which lead to his love of the unique instrument. He can be found playing R&B, folk, calypso, jazz, reggae and pop, and his favourite song “Melosian Rhapsody”. Dwight’s main musical influences are from Trinidad, where he lived until 1992, and artists such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

When Dwight isn’t playing as a TTC Subway Musician he can be found teaching, both privately and at St. James Town Youth Centre. You can also find him playing at different venues and carnivals around the city such as the Caribbean Carnival. Dwight has been a TTC Subway Musician since 2006 and can commonly be found playing at Union and Main Street stations.


Our Subway Musicians have some great stories and experiences to share! Check out their profiles and videos to get to know some of our talented underground performers.

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Subway musicians Kevin and Martin

Martin and Kevin

This duo came together because of their love for jazz. Kevin and Martin met in their program at York University and have developed a unique musical collaboration in the Subway Musicians program.
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Mel and Nat at Union Station

Mel and Nat

Mel Harrietha and Natalie Wong create a unique sound that compliments one another perfectly. Their music is a blend of Spanish gypsy, Chinese traditional, and classical with rock 'n roll.
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Dieufaite Charles on subway car holding guitar

Dieufaite Charles

Dieufaite learned to play piano, flute, recorder, and harmonica, but found his true connection with the acoustic guitar. He has been a TTC Subway Musician since 2012.
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Leo Zhang with his Cello case.

Leo Zhang

Leo Zhang has been playing as a TTC Subway Musician for the past 18 years. He’s a classically trained cellist who can often be found performing along Line 1.

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Blair Franklin smiles and wear a cowboy hat, infront of a subway station platform.

Blair Franklin

Blair Franklin is a singer/song writer, who also plays the guitar. He has been a TTC Subway Musician for 12 years.
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Chagall Sierra stands expressively in-front of the entrance to a subway station.

Chagall Sierra

Chagall is a true Renaissance woman. Her instrument of choice is the flute; however she considers her true instrument to be her angelic voice!
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Joe Taylor

Joseph Taylor

Joe is a veteran subway musician and has been playing for almost two decades in the program. He loves to engage with his audience while playing in the subway system, often tailoring his musical pieces to the individuals walking by!
View Joseph Taylor's full profile

Matti Palonen

Matti Palonen

Matti is part of a movement to establish his instrument, the kantele, as a band instrument. Matti designs and builds his own instrument and can often be found playing the kantele in concerts and dances across Ontario and in Finland.
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Adam smiles with a guitar in hand, infront of a subway station stairwell.

Adam Solomon

Adam is a 2005 Juno Award winner and a double winner at the Toronto African Music Awards for Best Release and Best New Performers in 1997.
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Morad Saad Guzman

Morad Saad Guzman

Mo has been a subway musician since October 2015, and has more than 10 years’ experience as a drummer, percussionist and performing artist. You can often find him accompanied by his canine companion, Milo!
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