The TTC publicly advertises all requirements valued at more than $100,000 and may also advertise specific requirements valued at less than $100,000 (e.g. minor construction/construction services, engineered equipment, consultant and non-revenue vehicle purchases). For those requirements that are valued at $100,000 or less that are not publicly advertised, the Commission maintains a Bidders' List for reference purposes.

You must complete and submit a Company Questionnaire to be added to the TTC’s Bidders List. Follow the instructions noted below to be added to the TTC’s Bidders List:

Print and complete the questionnaire indicating the various types of goods and/or services you are interested in providing based on the coding system on the questionnaire.

Company Questionnaire this word document opens in a new window

Scan and send your completed questionnaire by e-mail to

Please be advised: TTC will undergo a review/purge every 5 years of its Bidders List.

As such, if a Company on the Bidders List has not received a contract award from the TTC in 5 years, they will be removed from the TTC Bidders List. Should a Company wish to remain on the TTC Bidders List they must reapply in order to be put back on.