All vehicle and station advertising for the TTC is handled by Pattison Outdoor and all digital advertising on the Platform Video Screens in the subway stations is handled by Pattison Onestop.

TTC has established criteria for the acceptability of advertising on TTC property (vehicles, real property, platform video screens and any other “available space” identified), and the process by which the advertising will be reviewed. All advertising on TTC property must:

  • Comply with applicable laws, including but not limited to the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards and the Ontario Human Rights Code;
  • Not discredit the business or service of public transit, the TTC or its employees or have an adverse affect on the image of the TTC or public transit, as a safe and reliable form of transportation.

Pattison is charged with ensuring that all advertising on TTC property meets these standards. In certain circumstances, Pattison may request that TTC staff review the advertising prior to posting. In these cases, TTC staff will review the advertising to determine if the advertisements meet the criteria noted above. If the ads do not meet the criteria, the advertisements will not be posted on TTC property.

If TTC receives five complaints about an advertisement, the ad will be forwarded to the Advertising Review Working Group (ARWG) for assessment. The ARWG is made up of appointed TTC Board Members and TTC staff whose role it is to review advertisements to determine compliance with this policy. If it is determined that a posted ad does not comply with TTC policy, the TTC will remove the ad from its property. The decision of ARWG is final.

To inquire about rates and the availability of advertising space, please contact:

Advertising Inquiries - Julie Schlosser
Media Relations - Mary Ventresca

905-282-6800 This is an external site and will open in a mew window.

To advertise on TCONNECT, the TTC’s wifi service, please contact:

Michelle Naftalis, Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 647-943-0294

Advertising Standards Canada

Advertising Standards Canada member logo

TTC is a member in good standing of Advertising Standards Canada (ASC). ASC is a national, advertising self-regulatory body. It was founded in 1956 on the belief that advertising self-regulation best serves the interests of industry and consumers. ASC administers the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards and offers a consumer complaints process.