On May 9, 2013, the TTC held its sixth annual Public Forum on Accessible Transit to hear from the public about how to improve the accessibility of TTC services and facilities. TTC staff are working to improve Wheel-Trans operating procedures, vehicle and station designs, accessible services, customer information, and customer service based on comments and feedback from the event.

Event Summary

Customers shared their experiences with TTC Board Members, TTC Staff and ACAT members one-on-one and in an open-mike session.

Comments and Feedback Summary

Over 420 comments and suggestions were submitted by customers.

Wheel-Trans Operating Procedures

Customers suggested improvements to Wheel-Trans booking and phone wait times, dispatch and pickup procedures, and the online booking website.

Vehicle and Station Design

Accessibility improvement suggestions regarding bus ramp reliability, vehicle design, and station design were discussed at the meeting.

Service Improvements

Several customers requested accessible service improvements, such as more elevators and increased Wheel-Trans service.

Customer Information and Customer Service

Many customers brought forward suggestions for improving TTC customer service and customer information, including signage and wayfinding.