Vision: An Accessible Transit System That Makes Toronto Proud

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) delivers accessible conventional and specialized transit service throughout the City of Toronto. The TTC is committed to providing safe and courteous transit services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of all customers, and promotes the principles of integration, inclusive design, and equal opportunity. The TTC believes that all riders should enjoy the freedom, independence, and flexibility to travel anywhere on the public transit system, regardless of ability.

Accessibility Policy Statement

Toronto Official Plan

The City of Toronto’s Official Plan, envisions a future where our accessible public transit system is designed to meet the needs of everyone, including people with disabilities and seniors. Specifically, Policy 9 in Chapter 2.4 of the Toronto Official Plan states that the City will develop its transportation system by:

  1. "Ensuring that new transit facilities and vehicles are accessible;"
  2. "Modifying existing transit stations to become accessible over time;"
  3. "Supplementing the conventional transit system with specialized services;"
  4. "Requiring a minimum of off-street parking spaces for the disabled; and"
  5. "Taking accessibility into account from the design stage onwards."

TTC will work to achieve these principles and policies of the Toronto Official Plan through the goals and objectives of this accessibility plan.

TTC Accessibility Policy Statement

Building on the TTC’s long history and commitment to improving the accessibility of our transit services and facilities, the TTC has developed plans to achieve an accessible public transit system, which also meets the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) and its regulations, by 2025.

Over the course of this five year accessibility plan, the TTC will:

  • Identify barriers and establish strategies to address accessibility issues and regulatory requirements by 2025;
  • Ensure that policies, procedures, protocols, and standards are developed to improve the accessibility of transit facilities and services;
  • Ensure that our services are delivered in a manner that respects the rights, dignity, and independence of all customers; and
  • Consult with ACAT and people with disabilities in the community on our accessibility plans and policies. 

Only by working to make the TTC accessible for everyone will we realize our vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud.

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