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Managing Traffic

Learn More About Traffic Management Planning for this Project

As with any large construction project, a traffic management plan, in conjunction with other public safety programs, will be in place to manage construction-related disruption. Changes to traffic movement during construction, though temporary, can be significant.

 Detailed traffic management plans for the station locations along the subway route have been developed for specific construction staging. These will facilitate the movement of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic during the construction of subway facilities. A typical plan would address such issues as:

Throughout the construction period, the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension project will work with the City of Toronto, City of Vaughan, the Regional Municipality of York and all affected transit authorities to ensure that all vehicle traffic will move through the construction sites. Notification of traffic disruptions will be provided in advance to those areas immediately affected so that the community is informed and people can make decisions about the best way to travel in and around construction.

 Project representatives will also ensure that pedestrian or vehicular access to businesses and/or residences will be maintained to the extent possible. In some cases, access may be reduced or closed in the interest of safety, in which case an appropriate temporary alternative will be arranged with the property owner or stakeholder.

Bus Route Changes


Review the new changes to bus routes in the area to connect to the new subway extension.

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