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York University Station

Exterior view of York University station from the Common.


York University Station is located in the heart of the York University Campus, crossing diagonally under Ian Macdonald Boulevard, with the main entrance in the Harry W. Arthurs Common. The York University Station is intended to remove the existing bus service currently circulating through the Common, and to provide pedestrian access for existing and future facilities and developments on the York University campus. The necessary TTC, YRT, Viva, and GO bus services will be relocated to bus terminals at Pioneer Village Station and Highway 407 Station.

The main entrance is located on the west side of Ian Macdonald Boulevard with two covered entry wings rising up to the north and south side of the Common. The entrance also has a lightwell from the Common providing daylight into the concourse and  views to the campus. A roof structure links the two entrance pavilions and the lightwell. Glazing on the east side of the entrance structure provides natural light down to the concourse level. The lightwells in the Common provide passenger orientation and opportunities for daylight harvesting according to the Toronto Green Standard.

The York University Station project incorporates the following environmental initiatives:

  • Cool roof and green roofs;
  • Increased daylight levels to reduce electric lighting power usage;
  • LED lighting in pylon signs, and energy efficient lighting in illuminated wayfinding; 
  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures;
  • Energy efficient HVAC system;
  • Reduced storm water runoff into the municipal drainage system by utilizing green roof landscaping and soft, landscaping areas adjacent to other building runoff areas;
  • 26 short term bicycle parking spaces; and
  • Landscaping with native and drought tolerant species provided.

A major element of this station design is the roof over the upper concourse and entrances in the Common. This metal roof is considered a cool roof as it has a high solar reflectance and absorbs little heat.

The roof is clad in standing seam anodized aluminum panels with anodized aluminum cladding to the ring beam. Glazing is bird-friendly fritted glass in painted steel curtain wall framing. The emergency exit buildings and secure bicycle storage will have green roofs and will be clad in opaque glass panels. Hard landscaping will be concrete. Soft landscaping will be generally hardy and low maintenance for durability in the local environment.

Follow these links to the TTC Commission Reports and learn more about the conceptual design and features for Station:

Design Images

South Entrance

South Entrance

North Entrance

North Entrance

South Entrance

South Entrance

Concourse View

Concourse View

Platform View

Platform View

Public Art

Jason Bruges Studio

Artist Jason Bruges

Jason Bruges Studio, based in London, United Kingdom, has been awarded the public art contract for York University Station. The team of 14 that make up Jason Bruges Studio create mostly stand-alone pieces installed after a building is complete, as well as time-based mixed media. 

The artist is intrigued by the dynamics of people and vehicles moving through the built environment. He has developed a piece with a working title of “Piston Effect” which has been approved by the York University Art Design Review Committee (ADRC)

The artwork is a series of glass panels on the east walls at concourse and the smoke duct above the east trainway. Mounted to the back of these panels are an array of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) which can dynamically vary in tone between black and white. The result is a huge electronic screen that is capable of showing images. The final number of panels will be confirmed as the design evolves to meet the public art budget.

Artwork by Jason Bruges Studio

Architect's Concept

The architect's vision for this structure is one of crisp, clean lines accented by daylight which is harvested by the light scoop and shines into the fare-array concourse level and down to the platform level through large openings in the concourse slab. Realizing this aspiration required close integration of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, as well as performance requirements. This higher level of integration between architectural and engineering design has resulted in a beautiful and cost effective station, and is a good pairing of form and function.

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