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Highway 407 Station

Highway 407 station view from parking lot


The Highway 407 Station is a multi-modal transportation hub with TTC subway, YRT and GO Transit accessible bus service and space for a future 407 Transitway. In addition to the 583 parking spaces, 25 accessible parking spaces are provided adjacent to the Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off close to the TTC entrance facility. The barrier-free access route from the parking lot and Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off is separated from vehicle traffic and leads directly to the sliding doors at the main entrance.

The sloping bus terminal roof will be clad with a standing seam, clear anodized aluminum roof with landscaped berms where the structure curves down toward ground level. The back of house rooms are clad in white ceramic panels with painted metal doors to match. Glazing to the bus terminal is bird-friendly fritted glass in black aluminum curtain wall framing. Cornice and roof overhang soffits are clad in zinc coated aluminum panels.

Hard landscaping will be coloured and textured concrete. Soft landscaping will be generally hardy and low maintenance for durability in the local environment. Street furniture will be integrated along with the provision of bicycle facilities to TTC standards alongside the Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off.

Interior walls and columns to the bus platforms and waiting area are clad with white ceramic panels, with doors painted to match. Bus platform floors are concrete, transitioning to polished concrete inside the bus terminal. Stairs are dark granite with nosings in a paler colour to provide contrast required to meet the TTC barrier-free design standards, with a field of TTC standard warning tiles at the top landing. Escalators are TTC standard high deck with stainless steel clad balustrades and a yellow art glass finish to the outer balustrades. The guardrails around the vertical circulation openings are stainless steel frames with tempered-laminated glass panels. Ceilings are clear anodised brushed aluminum perforated panels containing acoustic absorbing material, with accent downstands in a glossy black finish.

The concourse leads passengers from all entrance facilities to the fare line that contains an easier access low fare gate. The future Highway 407 Transitway will also connect into the concourse on the unpaid side of the fare line. Passing through the fare line leads to a landing that projects into a multi-storey space with a view out through a bank of sloped art glass windows looking toward Jane Street. The landing leads to an elevator and four escalators that connect to the platform. A staircase also wraps around the glazed elevator shaft down to the platform to accommodate additional capacity.

Follow these links to the TTC Commission Reports and learn more about the conceptual design and features for Station:

Design Images

View from Jane Street

View of Highway 407 station from Jane Street

Interior Entrance Level View

Interior Entrance Level View of Highway 407 station

Interior view of Bus Terminal

Interior view of Bus Terminal at Highway 407 Station

Concourse View

Concourse View at Highway 407 station

Platform View

Platform View at Highway 407 station

Public Art

David Pearl

Artist David PearlDavid Pearl, based in Toronto, Ontario, has been awarded the public art contract for Highway 407 Station. Mr. Pearl works primarily in enamel on glass and is known for his large, stand-alone pieces. The artist identified two areas for the artwork in this station: the subway skylights and the western bus station glass façade at the top of the escalators.

In the artist’s words … A simple palette of expressive coloured glass works with the dynamic of natural light and the movement of the  observer to animate the space and interior surfaces. This is colour that is not coded to sign or direct – just pure coloured natural light; responding to the cycles and rhythms of the sun; echoing the building’s response to the greenbelt surroundings and its environmental sensitivity celebrated as art and architecture.

Artwork by David Pearl

Architect's Concept

The Highway 407 station will be a visual landmark, a figurative and real connection between the City of Toronto and York Region creating a transit/accessibility node and strong sense of place through its functional design and engaging form.  This intermodal transit facility, at Jane Street and Highway 407, will connect passengers with the TTC subway system; GO Transit, and YRT bus services and a future 407 Transitway, in a modern passenger terminal that embodies sustainable design principles in step with Toronto Green Standards, and world class architecture.  Features of this station design include: the capture of changing daylight patterns filtered through interconnected spaces descending to the subway platform, a dynamic central circulation space visually connected through all floors promoting intuitive way finding, efficient platform and circulation spaces balancing a sense of grandness with a comfortable pedestrian scale, and outside the station exterior spaces designed to integrate with the interior and enhance the passenger experience while delivering environmental performance through a naturalized sustainable landscape, with storm water processing, increased biodiversity,  all to reduce the impact of the development on the site and the surrounding area.


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