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City of Toronto Fire Station 141 has a new Home!

February 29, 2012

To make room for the new bus terminal at the future Finch West Subway Station, Toronto Fire Station 141 had to be relocated. The new Fire Station 141 can be found at the southwest corner of the intersection of Keele Street and Murray Ross Parkway.

Fire Hall Station 141

Following consultation with the Toronto Fire Department and firefighters from the station, a one-story fire hall was designed by Tomas Brown Architects. As part of a sophisticated network of emergency services facilities this new building was built specifically to support four emergency response vehicles that are staffed by Toronto Fire Services on a 24 hour basis, 365 days a year. The fire station also houses Fire Prevention offices with staff committed to the safety of the public through education and awareness.

Fire Hall Station 141

Fire Station 141 has many important features

This new fire station is designed and constructed as a state of the art, post-disaster facility that will provide service and protection to the surrounding community in the event of a natural or manmade emergency.

The building complies with the City of Toronto Green Standard  and has green design features such as a green roof that is planted with hearty, drought-resistant plants such as sedum. The roof is designed to absorb water like a sponge that stores rain water and contributes to storm water management. The green roof also helps to reduce the heating and cooling demands on the building.

Fire Hall Station 141

With the benefit of this new facility, Toronto Fire Services will continue its commitment to Fire Prevention, Fire Safety Education and Fire Rescue and Emergency Response for the residents of the City of Toronto.

Firefighters and Fire Prevention staff have settled in to their brand new quarters and are enjoying the extra space and natural light that the new building design provides. Fire Station 141 is now open for business!

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