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Government Approvals

Learn About the Approvals that are Required to Build a Subway

Before construction begins there are many approvals required by Toronto City Council, such as by-law amendments, variances, sight plan approvals, etc. Because the Toronto-York Spadina Extension project crosses the Toronto boundary into the Municipal Region of York (York Region) and the City of Vaughan, approvals are also required by the Councils in these regions. To learn more about these approvals follow these links:

TTC Board

Board meetings are held regularly to review policy and operating matters of the Toronto Transit Commission. The Toronto-York Spadina Extension must submit project related matters to the Board. To learn more about the Board and related meetings, please visit The Board.

Toronto City Council

Toronto City Council is the main governing and legislative body of the City of Toronto. Council is composed of the Mayor and 44 Councillors. Toronto City Council has direct responsibility for the City's services. Council also indirectly oversees other major services (such as police, transit, public health, libraries, public housing) through the appointment of Council members to the boards of directors of the City Council's agencies, boards, commissions and corporations.

Follow these links and search under the heading Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension to learn about project issues reviewed by each City Council:

Toronto City CouncilThis is an external site and it will open in a new window.

York Region Council

York Regional Council sets policies, direction and budgets for the Regional Municipality of York. The 21 member Council is composed of municipal Mayors and Regional Councillors.

Most of Council's work is accomplished through standing committees and task forces. These bodies receive input, review policies and consider staff reports, then recommend actions to Regional Council, which meets once a month. The major decisions of York Regional Council are known as Council Highlights and are posted on York Region's website.

York Region CouncilThis is an external site and it will open in a new window.

City of Vaughan Council

The City of Vaughan’s Council is made up of nine members - one Mayor, three Regional Councillors and five Local Councillors. The Mayor, elected at large by electorate, is the head of Vaughan Council and is also a representative on York Region Council. Three Regional Councillors are elected to represent Vaughan at both the local and the regional levels of government. Five Local Councillors are elected, one from each of Vaughan’s five wards, to represent those wards on Vaughan Council. Vaughan’s current Council was elected to serve from 2014 to 2018.

City of Vaughan CouncilThis is an external site and it will open in a new window.

Bus Route Changes


Review the new changes to bus routes in the area to connect to the new subway extension.

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