5 Service Alerts

501 Queen: Diverting eastbound via Broadview, Gerrard, Coxwell due to a stalled streetcar on Queen at Langley.

Last updated 5:05 PM

55 Warren Park: Diverting both ways via St Marks due to autos in collision on Jane at Dundas.

Last updated 5:02 PM

37 Islington: Diverting northbound via Eglinton, Russell, La Rose due to construction crews paving the roadway on Islington at Eglinton.

Last updated 2:39 PM

Elevator Alert: Victoria Park Station, street level to concourse level and pedestrian overpass, out of service.

Last updated May 18, 5:42 AM

Wellesley Station: PRESTO card customers required to have paper transfer on 94 Wellesley route until late summer 2018.

Last updated May 18, 5:42 AM

Please note that in the event of a subway service delay, shuttle buses will be deployed to assist passengers. However, shuttle buses cannot carry the same passenger volume as a subway.