Route change for Metrolinx Renforth Gateway Station construction

Roads in the Airport Corporate Centre will be closed due to Metrolinx construction of Renforth Gateway Station on the Mississauga Transitway. Eastbound buses will be diverted to operate north on Explorer Drive, east on Skymark Avenue, north on Commerce Boulevard, east on Matheson Boulevard, and east on Eglinton Avenue.

Routing details

Westbound — No change.
Eastbound — From Eglinton and Explorer, north on Explorer Dr, east on Skymark Ave, north on Commerce Blvd, east on Matheson Blvd, east on Eglinton Ave to route.

The following stops will no longer be served:

  • Renforth Loop
  • east on Skymark at 2780
  • south on Commerce at Skymark South Side
  • east on Eglinton at Commerce East Side
  • east on Eglinton at Renforth East Side