What we are doing and why

TTC will be replacing rail on tracks one to four as well as replacing select tracks at the east entrance of the yard. Crews will also be taking advantage of this work and upgrading the utilities below the tracks. This will avoid duplicate excavations in the future. Tracks and the existing concrete that supports them will be removed through April. This will be followed by excavation in May and June. New tracks will be installed through the summer months.

Work Hours

Construction work hours will be Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with occasional weekend work. The track installation phase of this project may include periods of late evening and overnight work particularly during track installation through the summer. Construction activities and schedule are contingent on weather conditions.

For further information:

Lito Romano, Senior Community Liaison, 416-397-8699, lito.romano@ttc.ca.