Work description and purpose

Track work has been progressing in a westerly direction on The Queensway towards Humber Loop. Work will soon reach a point where the pedestrian crossing east of the South Kingsway overpass will be required to close for track and sewer/drainage work through this section of streetcar right-of-way.

Work in this area will involve:

  1. Removing rail and rail ties by cutting the rail into smaller pieces before hauling them away.
  2. Removing ballast (stones) to the sub-grade with an excavator.
  3. Remove concrete curbs along the streetcar right-of-way.
  4. TTC’s subcontractor, Beacon, will then auger holes into the ground in preparation of pouring new concrete for the pole bases.

Pedestrian restrictions

The pedestrian crossing will be closed until late December. During this time, pedestrians can cross north-to-south at the signalized intersection at Windermere Avenue, or on the South Kingsway overpass.

Work hours

Work on this project will use extended hours to ensure the project is completed on schedule. The work hours are typically 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. with work on weekends when required. The track installation phase of this project will involve periods of late evening and overnight work. The overnight rail work may consist of moving rail into position, rail installation and rail welding / grinding. After-hours work is required to support the daytime construction of this project.

For further information:

Diego Sinagoga, Senior Community Liaison, 416-393-2197;