What we are doing and why

There will be no subway service on Line 1 between St Clair and Finch stations on Saturday, June 19 and Sunday, June 20, 2021 to accommodate work on the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit construction project, and signal and track maintenance work. Shuttle buses will operate.

TTC has recently conducted some essential track maintenance work in the open-air section between St Clair and Eglinton stations involving some wood-tie and rail replacement. The next stage of work along this section is tamping which is important to maintain safe subway operations. Tamping can only be conducted when subway service is not running and is carried out to maintain proper support from the ballast (stone bed) that secures the track in place and helps provide for a smoother operation through the track area. This preventative and corrective work also allows for normal subway speed operations through the open-air section which helps maintain overall service levels on Line 1.

Tamping will begin in the vicinity of the Kay Gardner Beltline Trail Bridge and progress north to Eglinton Station. Noise will be evident from the tamper when it is in full operation.

The start of concrete rehabilitation repairs (concrete chipping) will be conducted to the retaining wall between the Davisville Station and the Kay Gardner Beltline Trail Bridge.

Preventative track switch maintenance work will also be conducted between Davisville and Eglinton stations, as well as track maintenance inside Davisville Yard.

Work hours

The tamping work will be conducted nightly on Saturday, June 19 and on Sunday, June 20 starting at 10 p.m. The concrete chipping will be conducted during the daytime.


Tamper work-car and hand-held power (chipping) tools.

Thank you for your patience during this essential subway maintenance work.

For further information:

Diego Sinagoga, Senior Community Liaison, 647-468-4183, diego.sinagoga@ttc.ca