Project description and purpose

As part of the TTC’s commitment to safety and modernization, Donlands Station (on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth) will be getting a second exit/automatic entrance to improve customer safety and convenience. The TTC Board unanimously approved the Local Working Group’s recommended Second Exit location at 17/19 Dewhurst Boulevard.

The TTC’s Easier Access Program makes stations accessible for everyone with the addition of new elevators. To minimize the duration of overall construction, TTC will build the Donlands Station Easier Access project at the same time as the Second Exit project. The street level-to-concourse-to-eastbound platform level elevator shaft will be located on the southwest corner of Strathmore Boulevard & Donlands Avenue, extending the main station entrance.

The concourse-to-westbound platform level elevator shaft will be constructed on the northwest corner of Strathmore Boulevard and Donlands Avenue.

Construction is currently scheduled to begin in 2019.

Land surveying and related activities

Survey activities involve gathering accurate measurements of the area, which may include having contracted field staff in the vicinity placing surveying markers at property corners and elsewhere.

During the course of survey activities, field staff will attempt to contact some building occupants directly should access be required to private property, such as backyards.

Related activities may involve locating and marking utilities on Dewhurst, Strathmore and Donlands.

Expected survey dates and hours

Starting as early as March.

Utility Locating Details: 

Utility locating will take place on the streets, sidewalks and front lawns. This work involves marking out existing gas, water, sewer, storm and other underground utilities with spray paint, stakes, or flags then surveying their locations. During the course of these activities, field staff will attempt to contact building occupants directly before any work is done on front lawns.

Utility locating will also include the excavation of approximately 5 utility test holes in the street as shown. Heavy equipment will be present for test holes and construction noise should be expected during the day.

Expected dates and hours

Starting as early as June 19, 2017 (usually weekdays: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.).

Borehole testing details

Prior to the construction, borehole tests are required. Boreholes obtain information from the underground soil and groundwater conditions within the vicinity of the future second exit/stairwell and elevator areas. The information obtained will inform the design of the future underground structures. Small work zones will be set up in the borehole areas and metal plates will be used to cover the holes in the roadway. Each borehole will take approximately 5 days to complete (weather pending).

Construction crews and equipment will be present along your street and trucks/equipment will remain overnight. During the day, some construction noise is expected. 

Boreholes may be located within the City right-of-way and on private property. The truck/crews or equipment may need to use a portion of your property to access its location.

Expected dates and hours

Starting as early as June 26, 2017 (usually weekdays: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.).

Noise and vibration

Noise and vibration associated with construction can be expected with this work. The contractor will work to keep both to a minimum.

For further information:

Denise Jayawardene, Community Liaison, 416-393-6937,