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As part of the TTC’s commitment to safety and modernization, College Station (Line 1) will be getting a new second exit/entrance, and elevators to improve customer safety, accessibility and convenience. A new concourse will be constructed south of the existing concourse that will combine elevators and a second exit/entrance through College Park. Construction began November 23, 2020. Scheduled for completion by the end of 2023.

The work zone will be on Yonge Street, south of College Street. The work will be completed in stages to reduce impact to the local area, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists as much as possible.

Stage 2

What to expect

This stage involves the start of heavy construction in the area in order to carry out the structural foundation work for the new elevators and concourse for College Station. The expected duration of this stage of construction is approximately one year.

Work activities will include:

  • Installation of hoarding/barriers and traffic control measures.
  • Removals of street furniture, bike racks, trees and lighting will be removed the week of May 3. Access to the sidewalk will be maintained during this work.
  • Following the removals, the sidewalk will be narrowed to 1.8m to accommodate a safe work zone.
  • Structural foundation work will start with the installation of caisson piles. This is an alternative drilling method that produces significantly less noise than traditional pile driving.
  • Excavation of the future elevator and concourse site.
  • Heavy construction vehicles, equipment and site staff will be present in the general area.
  • Noise, dust and vibration associated with construction can be expected with this work. Efforts will be made to keep levels to a minimum.

Vehicular & Pedestrian Access

  • Lanes of traffic on Yonge Street will be shifted to the east side of the street.
  • One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained at all times.
  • Sidewalks and access to local businesses will be maintained on both sides of Yonge Street.

Work hours and timeline

The majority of construction work will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Some extensions outside of these hours may be required to facilitate deliveries and to accommodate the operation of local businesses.

TTC service

Subway service is planned to run throughout construction.

For further information:

Niki Angelis, Community Liaison, 416-981-1532,