Streetcar Routes » 301 Queen

Detailed Route Description

The 301 Queen Blue Night streetcar route operates between Neville Park Loop and Long Branch Loop, generally in an east-west direction.

Accessible service

Effective June 23, 2019

All streetcars operating on 501 Queen between Humber Loop and Neville Park Loop are low-floor accessible. Low-floor streetcars are expected to begin operation on 501 Queen between Long Branch Loop and Humber Loop later in 2019.

All streetcars operating overnight on 301 Queen are low-floor accessible.

Two services are operated. The 301 (Neville Park-South Kingsway) streetcar service operates during the overnight period, seven days a week. The 301L (South Kingsway-Long Branch) service, temporarily operated with buses, operates during the overnight period, seven days a week.


Streetcars operate from Neville Park Loop (on the southwest corner of Queen Street East and Nursewood Road) via west on Queen Street East, west on Queen Street West, west on The Queensway to South Kingsway.

Eastbound 301 TO NEVILLE PARK

Streetcars operate from South Kingsway via east on The Queensway, east on Queen Street West, and east on Queen Street East to Neville Park Loop.

Westbound 301L TO LONG BRANCH

Buses operate from Ellis Avenue and The Queensway via west on The Queensway, west on Lake Shore Boulevard West to Long Branch Loop (on the north side of Lake Shore Boulevard West, west of Browns Line).


Buses operate from Long Branch Loop via east and northeast on Lake Shore Boulevard West, east on The Queensway to Ellis Avenue.

All streetcars and buses on the route serve local stops along the route.