SafeTTC Frequently Asked Question

1. Where do I download the app?

SafeTTC is available for both both iOS and Android. It can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

2. How does the app work?

Customers can do their part to help make transit safer for all by providing detailed reports directly to Transit Control of incidents and situations that are observed on the TTC system – whether on a vehicle, in a station or at a bus or streetcar stop.  

From the app home screen, customers have two easy options for contacting Transit Control:

The “Report an Incident” button allows users to send text and photos or videos directly to Transit Control. When reporting an issue, customers can select from easy drop-down menus for vehicle type (bus, streetcar or subway), route numbers, and station locations, and report categories to assist Transit Control in assessing the situation.

* The “Call 9-1-1” button will connect customers directly to 9-1-1 dispatch and should only be used when emergency police, fire or medical assistance is required.

3.  What type of information is ELERTS collecting from me and for what purpose?

Entering personal information is not mandatory. It is up to you whether you enter any personal information.  You can enter your name, phone number and other contact information if you wish to be contacted to discuss an incident.

4. Who will my information be shared with and why?

Your personal information is shared with ELERTS and TTC to provide you with the reporting service.

5. How can I learn more about the collection of my personal information? 

You can learn more about how your personal information is collected in a number of ways:

You can also contact the TTC’s Freedom of Information Office at 416-472-2011 if you have any questions and concerns.

6. How do I opt out of sharing my personal information and are there other ways for me to report incidents?

If you do not want to share your personal information when reporting an incident in the SafeTTC app, you do not have to. Do not enter your personal information in the app – it will still work.

You can also report safety incidents to a TTC employee, Transit Enforcement Officer or the police. If you have witnessed or have information about a crime, you can also report it through Crime Stoppers.

7. What happens when connectivity isn’t available?

The application is designed with the subway in mind. If you send a report in an area without cellular connectivity, it will be stored and sent automatically as soon as you’re connected again. The system is also designed to send text before pictures so that Transit Control receives reports as quickly as possible. 

8. How will the TTC respond to harassment complaints?

The TTC’s response will depend on the severity of the situation.

9. How quickly can I expect a response?

Transit Control will monitor the notices coming in from the app 24/7.

10. Who will respond to me?

TTC staff in Transit Control will respond to you.

11. Can I send an anonymous report?

Yes, you can. There is a button that you press if you wish to send an anonymous report.

12. The app isn’t working – who do I call for help?

Customers can contact ELERTS directly at

13. What is SMS - Text a Tip? OR Can I send in reports using Blackberry or non-smartphone?

The SafeTTC app is designed for iPhone & Android smartphones . However Blackberry and non-smartphones users can still submit a report without the app using the SMS - Text a Tip feature. By texting your report to SafeTTC SMS text a tip number 647-496-1940, the TTC operators will receive the report (and can respond to it) in the same manner of a report sent in via the app.

14. What happens when I send in a report as TEST - THIS IS ONLY A TEST?

If you send in a report with a Report Type of "TEST-THIS IS ONLY A TEST", the TTC operators will not see or respond to the report.  The purpose of this report type is for the rider to become familiar with the app without engaging the TTC operators.