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Crisis Link is a unique poster/payphone program available on every subway platform. It is designed to encourage anyone contemplating suicide to use the payphone at the Designated Waiting Area on each platform. The blue auto-dial button connects callers with a trained counsellor at the Distress Centres of Greater Toronto. Distress Centres can also be reached by calling 416-408-HELP (4357) anytime.

The TTC, in partnership with Distress Centres and Bell Canada, provides Crisis Link to offer hope to those at risk of suicide.

The phone call is free and confidential. Counsellors will talk with the caller and assess the risk to the individual who is considering suicide. Distress Centres staff will contact the TTC’s Transit Control Centre to implement the appropriate measures to ensure the individual remains safe.

The TTC was the 2011 recipient of the Arnold Devlin Community Service Award, presented by the Ontario Association for Suicide Prevention, in recognition of its suicide prevention programs: Crisis Link, Gatekeeper and Acute Psychological Trauma.

Suicide is a preventable tragedy. If you see someone in distress, report it to any TTC employee. You can help save a life. Together we can make a difference.

Help is also available if you witness a traumatic event in the subway.