How much does it cost to ride the TTC?
Prices are dependent on the type of fare media you choose to purchase. For a full list of fares, visit Prices.
I'm on a TTC bus travelling north of Steeles and the bus driver asked me to pay an extra fare. Why is that necessary?
For routes North of Steeles Avenue, you have to pay the York Region transit fare, even though you are on a TTC bus. Extra fare is also required on the 58 Malton - West of Jetliner Drive & Airport Road, and on the 32B Eglinton West - West of Skymark and Explorer.
Where can I use my GTA pass?
The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Weekly Pass is an accepted fare on all TTC, Mississauga, Brampton and York Region Transit routes, including service for persons with disabilities which are operated by these systems. Customers in possession of a GTA Pass will not be required to pay the additional zone fare when crossing municipal boundaries.
How does a transfer work?
Transfers are time sensitive and must be used for a continuous trip. They are not good for stopovers, or return trips and must be used where two routes meet. For more information please visit Transfers or see the reverse side of the transfer.