Adult Senior (65+)/
Student (13-19)
Post-Secondary Student
Adult $146.25 Senior (65+) and Student (13-19) $116.75 Post-Secondary Student $116.75

TTC Monthly, 12 Month and Post-Secondary Monthly Passes are available on PRESTO

  • The TTC Monthly Pass on PRESTO costs the same ($146.25 for adults and $116.75 for seniors/youth) and provides the same unlimited travel as a regular Metropass.
  • The 12 Month Pass on PRESTO costs the same ($134 for adults and $107 for seniors/youths), requires the same 12-month commitment, provides the same monthly discount and unlimited travel as the Metropass Discount Plan (MDP).
  • The Post-Secondary Monthly Pass on PRESTO costs the same ($116.75) as the Post-Secondary Metropass. Post-secondary students must have TTC post-secondary student photo ID to set a post-secondary student fare type on PRESTO and carry it with them when travelling on the TTC.

A TTC Metropass provides unlimited travel in a specific month on all regular TTC services. Extra fare required for Downtown Express routes or contracted routes operated by the TTC outside the City of Toronto.

You can buy a Metropass from the 24th day of the prior month until the fourth working day of the month for which the pass will be used at all subway stations or at participating TTC Fare Agents.

Metropasses are available for sale until the 15th of the month at Davisville and Bloor-Yonge stations. All TTC Metropasses will be discontinued as of December 31, 2018.

The TTC Metropass is transferable, however the pass can only be transferred after a person using it has exited the TTC transit system. No "Pass Back" allowed. Penalty for misuse.

Seniors/Students/Post-Secondary Students: Your Metropass is valid only with the appropriate PHOTO ID. You can lend your transferable Metropass to another Senior or Student when you are not travelling with it.

Customers that need to exchange a Student Metropass for a Post-Secondary Metropass (and vice versa) may do so at any Collector Booth.
A damaged pass can be exchanged at any TTC Collector Booth up until the 4th business day of the month. From the 4th day until the 15th day, the pass can only be exchanged at Bloor-Yonge Station and at Davisville Station. After the 15th day, passes can only be exchanged at the TTC Customer Service Centre, located at 1900 Yonge Street, Toronto.