VIP Flowchart    


  • TTC will pick up unsold passes as long as the minimum monthly volume of 50 passes/month is maintained
  • If volume returned is greater than 10% of the total monthly volume ordered, a return fee will be applied to the volume above the 10% (currently 67¢ per pass)
  • Returns will be processed as a credit memo against the organization’s account


  • Invoice with 20-day payment period
  • Security deposit equal to the value of the first order is required from all participants
    • letter of credit or other form of security (certified cheque)
    • to be adjusted as order volumes change
    • No deliveries next month if account is in arrears
  • Other charges:
    • delivery (when applicable)
    • discount adjustments (reductions)
    • NSF and late payment
    • charge for excess returns
    • early cancellation (discount recovery)

   TTC Responsibility

  • Program Documentation
    • Organization/Institution Agreement
    • Order/Return Forms
  • Fill monthly orders
  • Metropass Delivery and returns
    • Maximum 2 deliveries per month at no cost
  • Invoicing

   Organization Responsibility

  • We must receive the executed agreement along with the security deposit by the 5th day of the month before the month in which your organization wants to receive its first valid Metropasses (e.g., April 5th for May passes)
  • You must commit to a 12 month term and minimum volume of 50 VIP Passes per month
  • Appoint Program Co-ordinator
  • Administer/promote the VIP Green Program internally
  • VIP Pass can be sold at lower price and not a higher price than paid to TTC
  • Sell only one pass per employee/student per month
  • Maintain monthly records of VIP Pass purchasers
  • TTC reserves right to audit program records and conduct “spot-checks” of the sales/distribution process