Post-Secondary Students, Seniors, Youths, and Children

The TTC has different fares for adults, post-secondary students, seniors and youths.

Proof-of-Payment (POP)

Customers who have a valid transfer, pass, POP receipt, or validated TTC ticket can board certain streetcars at the centre or rear doors.


Transfers are free and must be obtained where you pay your fare. The use of TTC transfers are subject to specific terms and conditions. 

TTC Times Two with GO Transit

Passengers who ride the TTC immediately before and after a GO Train/Bus trip can use the TTC transfer from their first TTC ride to board the second TTC vehicle.

GTA Zone Fares

An additional cash supplement (or equivalent) is required with your first TTC fare on TTC routes running beyond Toronto.

PRESTO Fare System

The PRESTO electronic fare devices that are seen and located in select TTC subway stations are the sole responsibility of PRESTO.