On April 18, 2019, a six-month pilot project will commence at Bloor-Yonge Station on Line 1 to improve service by speeding up customer movement on and off trains, particularly during busy rush hour periods as well as accommodate customers with mobility devices, strollers, luggage, etc.

During the pilot period, high visibility decals will be installed on the floor of the southbound platform aligning with the approximate location of the doors of the train when stopped in the station. The decals at the train doors closest to the elevator at this station (north end) will be blue to indicate this location as the preferred accessible boarding zone for customers with mobility devices, strollers, luggage, etc. during rush hour. We request that priority be given to these customers to board the train first in this zone once customers have exited the train.

TTC subway operators will have additional markings on the platform and in the cab of the train in order to help them line up the train’s doors and decals. There may, however, be times the doors and decals don’t precisely line up as this section of Line 1 is not yet on the Automatic Train Control signal system which stops trains in the same position.

The decals are also intended to encourage customers waiting to board the train further along the platform to provide adequate space for customers exiting the train as exiting single file slows service for all customers. We are asking for your cooperation to stand back and let customers exit the train unimpeded to allow more efficient operation during busy times.

A similar program was successfully tested at York University station last fall. The platform decals are one of several steps the TTC is taking at Bloor-Yonge to reduce delays and improve subway service on Line 1 in the morning rush hour. Already, the station is using an enhanced customer management model and has emergency medical responders on site for quicker response to and clearing of Emergency Alarms.

Diagram of decals on subway
In addition, during busy periods, the southbound platform entrance closest to the elevators will be intermittently closed off with wall-mounted stanchion belts to allow customers using the preferred accessible boarding zone to be accommodated on the next train safety.  This will encourage other customers to spread out along the platform for faster loading/offloading. Once the train arrives in the station, TTC Supervisors will retract the belts to allow passenger flow.

TTC employees on Bloor platform

We appreciate your cooperation with this initiative so we can provide a better experience for all our customers.