Platform Video Screen displaying Time, news, weather, and TTC information.

The Platform Video Screens (PVS) are displays at the platform level of the subway. They have time, weather and news information and include Next Train Arrival System (NTAS) information.

The next train arrival system component tells the TTC patron when the next subway train is arriving, and/or if it is out of service or delayed. The main display also provides other customer service alerts.

These displays help the TTC patrons in making personal transportation decisions by providing the current status of the subway transportation system and arrival time of the next train.

Displays will be deployed at all 69 subway station. Most subway stations currently have at least one unit installed. 

Platform Video Screens Facts

  • The first platform video screen was installed in 2005.
  • The screens have replaced older  “Metron” units at the stations.
  • As of Dec 31, 2016, 342 LCD screens have been installed.

The TTC takes reasonable care to provide accurate train arrival information. However, no train arrival time is guaranteed. The TTC accepts no responsibility for any transit service adjustments, errors or omissions.