The next vehicle information system project is designed to improve and enhance customer communications and the TTC experience.

Next Vehicle Arrival System LCD screen at Spadina Station.Next Vehicle Information System LED screenService Display screen at Bathurst Station

Next Vehicle Information System - Project

The Next Vehicle Information System provides TTC customers with predicted arrival & departure times for buses and arrival times only for streetcars through the following media:

  • LCD screens installed in TTC stations that provide predictions for all surface routes at that station.
  • LED screens mounted at streetcar/bus bays and at TTC street shelters.
  • Text messaging that allows subscribers to have vehicle arrival times sent directly to their cell phone or other wireless device. 
  • Internet & mobile predictions and maps available through the NextBus website This is an external site and will open in a new window.
  • Open Data XML feed that 3rd party developers can use to add TTC vehicle predictions to their applications. Available via Toronto Open Data Initiative.

Next Vehicle Information System Facts

  • In addition to serving as a customer tool, this also assists the TTC in analyzing its route performance data in order to further improve service.
  • It uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track vehicle locations. The entire TTC streetcar and bus fleet has been outfitted with GPS equipment.
  • Some displays in the stations are solar powered.
  • As of Dec 31, 2016
    • 72 LCD screens installed in 41 stations.
    • 54 LED screens installed in 30 bays.
    • 106 LED displays inside 106 street shelters.

The TTC takes reasonable care to provide accurate vehicle arrival information. However, no vehicle arrival time is guaranteed. The TTC accepts no responsibility for any transit service adjustments, errors or omissions.