• New station management model
  • New signage manual and standards
  • Proof of payment and fare enforcement strategy
  • New journey time metric
  • Complete Pape Station modernization
  • Wi-Fi and Cell at two stations
  • Articulated busses arrive
  • New TTC system map
  • New reward and recognition strategy


  • New uniform begins to arrive
  • New streetcars begin to roll
  • New Staff Satisfaction Survey
  • Complete Dufferin Station modernization
  • Complete elevator at Lawrence West Station
  • Complete delivery of Toronto Rockets
  • One-person operation on Yonge-University-Spadina Line


  • Narrowcasting in TTC operation division
  • Union Station second platform opens
  • Pan Am and Parapan Am Games
  • Scarborough RT shut to convert to LRT
  • Complete The Leslie Barns
  • Complete elevators at five additional station


  • One-person operation on Bloor-Danforth Line
  • Complete subway extension to Vaughan
  • Automatic Train Control on Yonge-University-Spadina Line
  • Complete PRESTO implementation
  • Change Collector staffing model
  • Complete elevators at six additional stations

2017 and beyond

  • Enterprise risk management in place
  • New streetcars all delivered
  • Metrolinx LRT lines
  • Downtown Relief Line
  • Automatic Train Control on Bloor-Danforth Line
  • Continue station elevator installations