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Rewards & Recognition Fall 2019

10/31/19 5:00 AM


Bahia and Taylor

Simone Bahia
Station Supervisor

Brenna Taylor
Duty Station Manager

> Simone’s and Brenna’s quick actions in response to a customer in distress in the public washroom at Bloor-Yonge Station resulted in resuscitating the customer, with the assistance from a 911 dispatcher.
> Their actions led to the customer breathing again and potentially preventing a life threatening situation.
> Simone and Brenna went above and beyond their regular work duties to help a customer in need and are ambassadors for customer safety.


Anuj Bhardwaj
Customer Service Agent

> Anuj responded to a situation where a customer was assaulted and was bleeding from the head. He called for emergency services and applied first-aid to the victim, while keeping other witnesses calm.
> He was able to provide periodic updates to the station emergency desk to help police identify the suspect. As a result of his clear description, the suspect was apprehended by police.
> Anuj demonstrated courage and went above and beyond his regular duties to help a customer. He is a positive example for TTC employees, and helps to create a sense of awareness among other staff on how to deal with an emergency situation. He consistently promotes teamwork, and is keen on finding new opportunities to make the workplace a safer environment for all.


Mary Bilbija
Queensway Division

> When she was operating the 45A bus route, Mary noticed a vehicle heading through a red light and that the driver was in distress. She secured her bus and ran over to see if she could help the driver, then quickly realized they needed medical attention. She also knew that she needed to get the car in park mode since the driver was unresponsive. She then ran back to her bus to contact Transit Control and emergency services.
> She then flagged down another passing driver who happened to be an off duty police officer. Once emergency services arrived, they told Mary that she had saved the driver’s life and had prevented a potentially major accident from taking place.
> Mary is very knowledgeable about health and safety in the workplace, and is always seeking opportunities to increase awareness amongst her co-workers, especially women Operators on late relief shifts. She is truly a role model to other TTC employees.

Holloway and Tamini

Louise Holloway
Station Supervisor

Adam Tamimi
Station Supervisor

> Adam and Louise had regularly observed an individual with mental illness who came to Bloor Station and complained to them that his life was not worth living.
> Although they were usually able to calm the individual, on Feb. 13 they witnessed him attempting to jump down to track level. They acted quickly to rescue the man and he was brought to CAMH for help.
> Adam and Louise potentially saved the life of a mentally unstable individual. Both regularly go above and beyond to ensure the safety of TTC customers and employees.


Mustaq Manjra
Eglinton Division
> Mustaq observed a distraught youth sitting and crying on the Millwood Bridge.
> He knew something wasn’t right. He stopped his bus to check on the youth’s well-being.
> Mustaq was very observant and attentive throughout the situation. He comforted the youth, followed proper reporting procedures with Transit Control and ultimately helped to potentially save a life.


Terry Ward
Route Supervisor
Bus Transportation
> Terry went above and beyond the call of duty by performing the Heimlich maneuver on a TTC Supervisor who was choking on his food and lost consciousness.
> The Supervisor was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital where a doctor confirmed that Terry’s actions had saved his life.
> Terry is an advocate for safety at the TTC, and is always eager to help his team members.

Customer Service


Vince Alexander
Duty Station Manager

> Vince provides excellent customer service on a regular basis and goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. He is often seen smiling and greets employees and customers alike as they enter the station.
> On one occasion, he observed an elderly man at Eglinton Station on a cold day without a winter coat. Vince took off his own jacket and placed it on the gentleman’s back, telling him to get home safely.
> Vince has also been seen walking an elderly couple all the way to their car in the parking lot at Finch Station because they forgot where they had parked. He demonstrates thoughtfulness and care regularly and is a role model to other TTC employees.

Pallotta Parhar Reid

Matt Pallotta
Divisional Assistant Manager
Wilson Division

Kirpal Parhar
Closures and Diversions

Jonathan Reid
Divisional Assistant Manager
Leslie Barns

> Matt, Kirpal and Jonathan assisted House of Compassion residents by organizing a TTC shelter bus when they needed to evacuate due to a fire.
> These employees’ prompt actions helped to provide a safe and warm refuge for a few hours in the middle of the night as a result of the fire.
> They also provided another shelter bus to pick up the residents from their temporary location when it was safe for people to return home. They showed support and compassion in a time of need for people in the community living with mental illness.



Bonny Cayen
General Divisional Clerk
Bus Transportation

> Bonny continuously goes above and beyond the expectations of her position and makes service a priority. She is like a breath of fresh air to work with and her vivacious personality and positive outlook help to de-escalate heightened situations.
> She consistently finds ways to increase efficiencies and always lends a helping hand to others. She has a strong work ethic and takes prompt and decisive action to resolve issues quickly and effectively.
> Bonny is always eager to learn and has created a positive atmosphere in the workplace. She has elevated her team’s morale and has contributed to improved customer service both internally and externally.


Andrea Jelly
Occupational Health and Claims Management

> Andrea readily volunteered to continue supporting her previous HR team after moving to Occupational Health and Claims Management. She demonstrated her commitment beyond her new role to the organization as a whole.
> Her efforts reflect excellence in customer service. She ensured that all TTC parties involved felt prepared and comfortable in providing evidence as witnesses in a case that was of a sensitive nature.
> Andrea takes prompt and decisive action to resolve issues quickly and ensured a very difficult workplace situation was solved efficiently, thereby avoiding significant financial impact to the TTC.


Melanie Naughton
Transit Control Dispatcher or Assistant Manager – Transit Operations
Transit Control

> Melanie consistently goes above and beyond and often takes on additional duties outside her regular responsibilities. She’s been a member of the JHSC and track-level safety committees for years.
> She has developed a new training program for all Wayside Supervisors in the Transit Control Centre, and as a result has increased the level of understanding and skills acquired by trainees, helping to raise the level of safety.
> Melanie is clear and concise with her communications and inspires others to excel. Her high level of professionalism and dedication to the TTC make her a role model.


Kirpal Parhar
Closures and Diversions

> Kirpal goes above and beyond to inspire others and demonstrates professionalism at all times. He offers mentorship to employees and dedicates his own time to offer professional and career development guidance.
> Following the Toronto Raptors win in the finals, he worked tirelessly throughout the night and demonstrated his organizational commitment, communication skills and decisiveness to ensure all TTC surface vehicles, staff and customers were kept safe.
> Kirpal leads by example with great passion and is an excellent communicator. His commitment to bettering the organization trickles down to every member of his team, and he motivates and inspires all around him to excel.


Emma Petch
Maintenance and Job Planner
Plant Maintenance

> Emma regularly attends Maximo User Group conferences on her own time, and is a member of PEMAC.
> She prepared a presentation for City of Toronto representatives on the implementation of Maximo for facility maintenance at the TTC. After the meeting, attendees expressed their appreciation for Emma’s expertise on the subject.
> Emma has gained professional respect from her peers, and has contributed significantly to the organization by taking the initiative to bring forward her ideas on various improvements.


Austin Pires
Foreperson – Rail Vehicles
McCowan Carhouse

> Austin is considered to be the hub in the wheel of operations at McCowan Carhouse. He has contributed greatly to improving performance, to the point of exceeding targets for service delay reductions.
> His dedication, openness and availability to assist members of his team, in addition to his calm, quick and decisive approach, have helped to raise morale and confidence of his employees.
> Austin has helped to enhance safety for all by determining potential hazards for employees and SRT vehicles. He is decisive, prompt and committed to improving service quality for TTC customers.

Innovation & Creativity

Biati and Wen Barr

Aida Biati
Senior Construction/Service Contract Inspector
Plant Maintenance

Annie Wen Barr
Programmer Analyst
IT Services

> Aida and Annie took the initiative to establish a comprehensive drainage system inspection and asset management program. They reviewed the old Building Services Preventative Maintenance program against the City of Toronto’s Best Management Practices to identify opportunities for improving health and safety compliance with environmental regulations. Gaps and problem areas were then identified for improvement.
> To increase the preventative maintenance program efficiency, Aida worked with Annie to develop a computerized application to keep records of inspections for hydrocarbon and sediment levels. Aida also conducted site visits and reviewed drawings for detailed information.
> Using the computerized application reduces duplicated steps of data entry and chart making using multiple databases and spreadsheets, accelerates task completion and improves communication when pump-outs are required to ensure compliance.


Roy Lallkissoon
Chief Instructor

> Roy immediately recognized that the ATC display that interfaces with the Operator lacked vital information necessary to operate TR trains efficiently. This was increasing the Operator’s stress level on the job and potential for safety hazards.
> Until his involvement, Operators were forced to access multiple displays in the cab to gather train performance indications, which in turn slowed train operation due to poor ergonomics.
> Roy redesigned the Automation Train Operator Display, with the consultation of various stakeholders. It has been implemented by Alstom and Bombardier for all TR trains on Line 1. His innovativeness and creativity have increased the efficiency and safety of operation by providing the required information in a single screen.


Teamwork Award winners

Victor Afriyie
Construction Engineer

Eric Faber
Construction Co-ordinator

Morteza Rostami Gharehborjlou
Senior Construction Inspector

Kristopher Niemeier
Senior Construction Inspector

Sash Pavlovski
Construction Safety Officer
Project Management Office

Vince Albano
Wiring and Service

Aidan McCaffrey

Ante Misetich
Manager – Rail Vehicles
Rail Cars and Shops

Michael Rolanty
Construction Site Manager – Wilson Office

Tom Maccarone
Senior Construction Supervisor

> EC&E and Operations teams planned for a full year to execute a high risk project in a single hour. The project involved over 30 committed personnel, including 17 TTC employees, and a helicopter.
> They collaborated to organize 10 successful aerial lifts of HVAC units from a staging area at Wilson Yard to the rooftop of the carhouse. Execution of the aerial lifts was required within tight timelines, and was dependent on strict weather and visibility conditions.
>Despite numerous challenges, and as a result of their combined efforts, the team was able to reduce installation time for this major construction project. This unique accomplishment, last performed by the TTC in the 1990s, demonstrates the team’s high level of planning, expertise and collaboration.

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