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Rewards & Recognition Spring 2019

6/14/19 9:00 AM

Safety Awards


Herminio Constantino
Rail Vehicle Analyzer
Rail Cars and Shops

> Herminio discovered a flaw in an off-the-shelf lockout device that was installed by a vendor for electrical testing.
> The device was intended to cover the “on” button for the 600Vdc auxilliary power supply cable to connect to SRT vehicles while they are being operated and tested in the carhouse.
> Herminio noticed a device flaw and contacted his Foreperson. His alertness, desire to understand the implications of the safety device and willingness to present his concerns have prevented the severe risk of exposure of high electricity to equipment, himself, his colleagues and the public.


Brenden Dean
Route Supervisor
Mount Dennis Division

> Brenden was first on the scene at a stabbing incident at Kennedy Station on October 20, 2018, after he received a report of a physical altercation.
> When he arrived, he was approached by the victim holding his stomach. He immediately called Transit Control and tried to calm the victim.
> Brenden had the entire station evacuated and once emergency responders arrived, he directed customers to where they needed to go for alternate routes. Thank to Brenden’s quick actions, the suspect was caught and the victim was promptly cared for by paramedics.


Weldena Deflorimonte
Carhouse Helper
Rail Cars and Shops

> Weldena intervened in a challenging situation with a woman in the subway. She noticed that the distraught woman was crying by the edge of the platform.
> She spoke with the person and explained that there are other options for her to take and even gave her money out of her own pocket to buy something to eat. She reached out further by exchanging phone numbers and taking the woman out for lunch the next day.
> Weldena is a very caring and giving employee who goes above and beyond to ensure both her colleagues and customers are safe.


Jamaal Dickson
Danforth Division

> Jamaal observed a young man not boarding trains and looking distraught on the platform.
> He called Transit Control and gave a detailed description of the person and requested a slow order for the next train in case the man was planning to harm himself.
> When the next train pulled slowly into the station, the man did in fact jump down to track level. Due to Jamaal’s quick actions, the speed of the train was slow enough to only cause minor injuries, most likely saving the man’s life.


Teresa Gale

> Teresa noticed a passenger on her bus was choking and gasping for air so she contacted Wheel-Trans dispatch and immediately began performing the Heimlich maneuver.
> When the customer lost consciousness, she decided to try one more time, until the piece of food that was lodged in the man’s throat flew out of his mouth. Once paramedics arrived, they told Teresa that she likely saved the man’s life.
> Although Teresa is not formally trained or qualified to perform CPR, she quickly noticed the signs of distress and took the necessary actions to help a customer in need. She is an excellent employee who treats all her Wheel-Trans customers with the utmost respect.


Jacob Passmore
Tower Controller
Transit Control

> Jacob suggested that track-level activity in ATC territory be identified by a different colour in order to stand out as a safety feature for Wayside Supervisors and Tower Controllers.
> His recommendation led to a new safety feature where the font turns violet as a reminder notice. This was added to the ICS announcement sheets for track-level activity in the Automatic Train Operation area.
> The extra awareness and protection for TTC employees going to track level, and for Operators operating in ATC territory, has improved safety for staff and customers.

Thomas Rotscholl
Equipment Operator – Asbestos Removal
Subway Infrastructure

> Thomas was working at Eglinton Station when he noticed an aunauthorized patron at track level.
> He immediately cut the power to stop trains and notified Transit Control. When he and his crew went to speak with the visibly distraught man, he attempted to touch the power rail.
> While the crew continued to calm the person,  Thomas escorted the Chief Supervisor and Toronto Police to the scene so that the man could receive the help he needed. As a result of his quick actions, Thomas likely saved the man’s life.

Customer Service Awards

Do Couto

Matthew Do Couto
Senior Construction Inspector – Elevating Devices
Plant Maintenance

> Matthew was given the responsibility of managing the Line 3 Escalator Life Extension Project.
> He worked to reduce the 14-week escalator downtime period, improving customer service tremendously. From that point on, Matthew dedicated himself to reducing escalator downtime by more than 9,500 hours, or a 65 per cent reduction in downtime.
> Matthew also eliminated rework by improving controller quality, sourced equipment to reduce risk of employee injury and developed processes to improve work efficiency. His dedication resulted in making escalators available for an estimated 1.6 million customer trips within a two-year period, while completing the project under budget.


David Freitas
Russell Division

> Dave has received numerous commendations from customers for his positive attitude and good humour. He has been praised for being a positive influence on customers’ attitudes, and his announcements regarding diversions and short turns are always clear and concise.
> He is always in good spirits and can be seen smiling and greeting others in the morning. He is a pleasure to work with and a positive influence on his peers.
> Dave is always eager to provide customers with information to ensure they arrive at their destination safely. He is always humble and his consistent demeanour is an excellent example of what TTC Operators aim to provide for customers.


Petronella Lock
Mount Dennis Division

> Petronella stopped her bus for a customer whose mobility device broke down at three in the morning near Finch West Station. She and another customer assisted the individual by physically getting him and his device onboard.
> Unfortunately, the mobility device controls were still not working by the time he arrived at his stop so the customer opted to remain on the bus.
> Petronella arranged for a Wheel-Trans vehicle to pick up the customer, and when they were late, she waited to ensure he wasn’t left out in the cold. She demonstrates great care and dedication to her customers on a regular basis and is a role model for Operators.


Elise McAdam
Queensway Division

> Elise was operating an express bus in morning rush hour during a snow storm on January 29, 2019.
> When she noticed crowds of customers waiting in the cold at non-express stops who couldn’t be picked up by regular buses due to overcrowding, she made the decision to service all stops, picking up as many passengers as possible and making sure all customers were safe.
> Elise can be counted on to take prompt and decisive action to resolve issues quickly and effectively, and exhibits a genuine commitment to providing great customer service. She remains committed to improving service quality and works hard to treat all customers with respect and consideration.

Leadership Awards


Dimaz Ladak
Duncan Shop

> Dimaz always makes himself available after work hours to help his team, and he treats everyone with respect. He is punctual, has an excellent work ethics and promotes synergy and unity in the work environment.
> His ability to make employees feel like family has resulted in improved morale and performance. He motivates others with his positive attitude, and his organizational skills are unmatched.
> Dimaz communicates openly and is always available by text or by phone to help his employees, even outside work hours. He is an innovator and encourages continuous growth amongst his employees.


Nickesha Luke

> Nickesha co-operates and works extremely well with all stakeholders. She is a joy to work with and stays late to make sure the job gets done.
> She is a people person, always making others around her smile. She is focused, has great humility and has a keen vision for the direction of her group and the organization overall.
> Nickesha leads by example, accepts responsibility, has a positive attitude and inspires others to excel.


Tara Mercorillo
Shift Supervisor – Operations

> Tara assisted a Wheel-Trans Operator who was faced with an uncomfortable situation while picking up a group of customers.
> To ensure the safety and comfort of the Operator, she dealt with the situation calmly and respectfully. She assisted by arranging another bus to pick up the group.
> Tara sets an example of leadership with her helpful and kind manners, excellent problem solving, positive outlook, clear vision and willingness to assist others – all leading to increased customer and employee satisfaction.


Galen Roberts
Senior Principles Tester
ATC Project – Capital

> Galen provides help and support to all his employees and goes above and beyond his responsibilities to make sure work tasks are completed according to engineering principles.
> His leadership helped to complete the ATC Phase 1 project on time, open TYSSE and complete ATC Phase 2 at Wilson Yard.
> Galen’s level of knowledge and experience has benefitted his whole team. He sees the bigger picture and brings people together to discuss and share thoughts in order to find solutions.


Shari Wills
Divisional Assistant Manager – Bus/Rail Transportation
Bus Transportation

> Shari consistently goes above and beyond to coach and mentor her peers. She is currently mentoring a divisional Supervisor and often dedicates her own time to the professional development of others.
> She is available at all hours to offer help and feedback, and she takes the time and effort to thank her employees.
> Shari is calm, patient, and professional in all her interactions. Her exceptional understanding of the attendance management program, combined with her genuine empathy, has led her division to improvements and overall success.

Teamwork Awards

Coach Technician Team

The Coach Technician Team (Bus Maintenance and Shops)

Marciano Pascucci
Leadhand Coach Technician

Nelson Cabral
Coach Technician

Trevor Stonehouse
Coach Technician

> The Coach Technician Team worked tirelessly through their break and into the night to help identify and document all the buses that were damaged by a suspect who used a wheelchair hook to smash bus windows in the service line and threaten employees.
> After Toronto Police removed the individual from TTC property, the team helped to make note of all the vandalism and assisted police in identifying and photographing the damaged vehicles. When police completed their investigation, the team moved all the damaged buses, in order to dispatch unaffected buses for service.
> Without the team’s calm and systematic efforts, the division would not have been able to make service by the morning. They are excellent employees who work well with others and are always willing to help out and share their knowledge to coach new employees.

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