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Rewards & Recognition Fall 2018

10/15/18 1:58 PM

Customer Service Awards


Bobbie-Jean Donovan
Transit Control Dispatcher
Transit Control Centre

> Bobbie-Jean demonstrates professionalism at all times and is patient in providing clear instructions to Operators.
> When making announcements to customers, she is always friendly, clear, concise and calm.
> Bobbie-Jean is always eager to help others and is pleasant when speaking with customers and other TTC employees.


Michael Maguire
Queensway Division

> Michael witnessed a group of teenage girls at 2 a.m. who needed to take a bus north on Islington Avenue, after just being released from his shift.
> He called to request help in finding the next bus. When he realized it wouldn’t arrive for a while, he offered to drive them to their destination in order to get them home safely.
> Michael has a warm and outgoing personality and is an outstanding Operator who always goes out of his way to help anyone in need.


Aaron Rodgers
Mount Dennis Division

> Aaron went above and beyond the call of duty on being a first responder at a fatal hit and run of an employee’s sister on Eglinton Avenue.
> He comforted the victim and assisted police with the investigation.
> Although the victim sustained multiple injuries and passed away, her family was very grateful for Aaron staying by her side.

Customer Service Team

Customer Service Centre Group
Rishu Chadha, Senior Customer Service Representative
Matthew Di Taranto, Senior Customer Service Representative
Terri Hay, Executive Communications Representative
Hovig Kerkezian, Senior Customer Service Representative
Kevin McAnena, Senior Customer Service Representative
Ronald Sly, Senior Customer Service Representative

> The Customer Service team delivers excellent customer engagement via the @TTChelps Twitter account. They’ve been recognized as leaders in their field and were invited to participate in a Customer Service event at Twitter Canada, where extremely positive feedback was relayed from members in the banking, telecommunications and insurance industries.
> Their effective communications have led to patrons being more patient. Customers now feel engaged and important in providing their feedback.
> The group has fostered a collaborative environment that encourages teamwork and has made an impact on employee engagement and morale.

Safety Awards


Carmine Fusaro and Mark Jelinski
Escalator Mechanics
Plant Maintenance

> Carmine and Mark are responsible for servicing, maintaining and repairing over 300 escalators, which are comprised of multiple designs from six different companies.
> They came up with an innovative solution to a gearbox problem, which has been shared with all Escalator Mechanics to provide a safer way to service the gearboxes.
> Both Carmine and Mark regularly attend safety talks and actively participate in workplace safety meetings and discussions. By taking the initiative to develop a solution to the gearbox issue, they provided a safer work environment for their colleagues.


Maria Kapovsky
Curriculum Development Specialist
Training and Development

> Maria has initiated the development of several high-profile programs in subway track level safety. She has also redesigned the Subway/SRT Rule Book programs to include more hands-on activities.
> She has worked tirelessly to ensure all stakeholders have been consulted, their needs identified and their concerns addressed, resulting in a complete paradigm shift in the development and delivery of safety training.
> Maria’s positive attitude, dedication, enthusiasm and approach are contagious and she embodies the safety culture that the TTC seeks to foster Commission-wide.


Osama Manneh
Video Service Technician
Investigative Services

> Osama receives a large number of video requests for verification of personal injury claims that occur onboard TTC vehicles.
> When he noticed a reoccurrence of incidents with a similar pattern of injuries, the details were shared with Streetcar management. Safety messaging and coaching were then provided to Operators to avoid similar incidents from happening.
> Osama’s observations and actions have led to improvements in safety for customers. He has set an example for other employees to take action in order to identify potential issues.

Innovation & Creativity Awards


Richard Brettell
Engineering Technologist
Rail Cars and Shops

> Richard took the initiative to investigate a growing rate of SRT technical issues, causing delays to service. After an exhaustive review, he discovered a signals problem.
> He implemented a solution that eliminated the root of the problem, leading to improved service for customers.
> Richard is a major contributor to the ongoing success of the SRT and is widely acknowledged as the go-to person in his group. He also serves as a key link between the TTC and other transit authorities across North America regarding maintenance practices and the sourcing of parts and materials.


Kevin Shen
Technical Support and Development Supervisor
Strategy and Service Planning

> Kevin updated the street centre-line map by carrying out a survey for 10,000 stops when he realized the transit stop locations were inaccurate. He conducted research to identify the most appropriate technology to collect the data. Kevin then used his mobile phone to test the technology, which was uploaded to the TTC system.
> This accuracy was required for the new Vision software to provide arrival and departure times. Kevin worked closely with IT Services and developed a mobile GIS data collection solution, which allows the data surveyors to collect information in real time.
> Kevin’s work has advanced the TTC’s technology to improve stop information and customer service.

Leadership Award


Mario Barone
Slip Clerk
Queensway Division

> Mario has taken on the role of both Slip Clerk and Time Clerk, although these are usually two different positions for the group size he handles. He makes pay adjustments at Queensway Division for more than 500 Operators while building the spare board, manages approved leaves of absence, floater and vacation days.
> He has a positive attitude, teaches and mentors the other Clerks and is a resource to clerical staff division-wide.
> Mario has helped with the modernization of clerical processes to create a seamless transition with various upgrades. He is a team player and genuinely cares about the people he works with as well as the organization as a whole.


Steven Cuschieri
Bus Maintenance Manager
Mount Dennis Garage

> Steven has made himself available at all times to assist employees with learning the garage processes.
> He leads by example and recognizes individuals’ abilities, coaching them in manageable stages. He also encourages staff to listen to the concerns of others and address issues through open communications, leading to an improvement in morale at Mount Dennis Garage.
> Steven has introduced a method of repairing and maintaining the bus fleet that has increased efficiencies. He makes decisions and provides direction that is in the best interest of the company and recognizes the success and accomplishments of his employees.


Ed Dailous
Senior Instructor
Training and Development

> Ed comes in to work early on a regular basis and stays late to ensure tasks are completed without expecting additional compensation.
> He demonstrates his leadership skills through his constant efforts to assist and guide his fellow Instructors, ensuring all training delivered meets ministry and industry standards.
> Ed’s dedication in his role has led to improvements in training standards, which impact the department directly. He is an inspiration to staff, has a positive attitude and a willingness to help others.


Dave Grant
Senior Instructor
Training and Development

> Dave initiated the Automatic Train Control training and went above and beyond to ensure all employees involved were familiarized and comfortable with the new signalling system.
> During his 41 years at the TTC, he has never lost his enthusiasm or passion to see his colleagues succeed and his actions have had a significant impact on employees Commission-wide. He is a true leader and takes the initiative to drop by each division to engage employees.
> Dave is proactive in his approach and always seeks feedback by communicating with his colleagues. He is an exceptional employee and instills a sense of pride and professionalism in all who cross his path.


Pamela Kraft
Property, Planning and Development

> Pamela took the initiative to pursue the process of obtaining a Municipal Capital Facility designation for the TTC, resulting in a tax exemption of $2 million annually. To ensure approval, she undertook a review of requirements and created a detailed report to Council demonstrating eligibility.
> She has routinely encouraged her team to identify opportunities for cost savings, which have saved the TTC millions of dollars. The savings that Pamela has helped generate have ensured funds are available for critical needs elsewhere within the organization.
> Pamela’s positive attitude and commitment to the organization are infectious and she regularly provides creative and efficient ways to address challenges.


Annette Salfarlie
Project Management Director
IT Services

> Annette is always looking for ways to improve her section by taking constructive feedback and putting it into action.
> She anticipates the needs of the team and instead of waiting for issues to arise she has already thought things through to take action.
> Annette has directed the rollout of new processes and templates for her section in order to improve efficiencies. She motivates and inspires her employees and helps them achieve their goals.


Kyle Whiteway
Construction Site Manager

> Kyle’s level of dedication exceeds expectations as he consistently takes on additional responsibilities. He is proactive, efficient and productive and has raised the standards within his workplace.
> He leads by example and brings a wealth of knowledge to his team by mentoring his employees. He holds regular meetings with staff to discuss their professional goals and schedules after work team gatherings for the group to socialize and take part in team building activities.
> Kyle promotes a professional and friendly work environment and is appreciative of his staff, resulting in increased team morale. He treats everyone with dignity and respect.

Teamwork Award

Overhead Crew

The Overhead Team (Streetcar Maintenance and Infrastructure)

Vincent Balfour
Overhead Linesperson

Peter Benerowski
Overhead Linesperson

Sean Bryce
Overhead Linesperson

Milan Novakovic
Overhead Linesperson

Clancy Friel
Apprentice Overhead Linesperson

Thomas Reilly
Apprentice Overhead Linesperson

> Overhead Crew 304 was at an intersection waiting to make a left turn onto South Kingsway. A dump truck travelling eastbound made a right turn in full view of the crew and struck a woman crossing, then stopped on top of her. The driver then backed up and ran over her again, tearing her leg open. The driver then fled the scene.
> Two crew members jumped out of the truck and started to perform first aid with radio communication to the two other crew members who followed the dump truck. One of the members held the woman’s artery by hand to stop the bleeding until emergency services arrived.
> The dump truck turned again and Crew 301, located just down the road, noticed and started following as well. Together the two crews were able to block the truck when the driver tried to make a three-point turn. When the assailant jumped out of the truck and began to run, members of the team chased him, leading to the apprehension and arrest of the individual.

King Street Pilot Team

The King Street Pilot Team (Strategy and Service Planning | Streetcar Transportation)

Conor Adami
Procedures and System Development Senior Planner

Curtis Batuszkin
Transit Stops Supervisor

Darrin Brown
Senior Transportation Planning Technician

Hani Chahine
Roncesvalles Division Assistant Manager

Jacqueline Darwood
Strategy and Service Planning Head

Pranav Dave
Operations Planning Chief Engineer

Francesco Di Noto
Senior Schedule Writer – RT

Narayan Donaldson
Operations Planner

Mark Eskandar
Transportation Planning Technician

Ron Gambin
Transit Scheduling Manager

Tim Lawson
Senior Transportation Engineer

Franco Longo
Senior Schedule Writer – RT

Laurence Lui
Russell Division Assistant Manager

Tim McCallum
Technical Co-ordinator

Albert Oliver
Streetcar Transportation Head

Trevor Pitman
Senior Transportation Engineer

Kevin Shen
Technical Support and Development Supervisor

Jim Sinikas
Transportation Engineering Director

Alexander Takarabe
Database Technician – SMS Project

Erin Wemyss
Russell Division Manager

> The King Street Pilot Team accomplished this ground-breaking project, which required inter-departmental and external co-ordination. The project led to enhanced service delivery, new initiatives and tools for performance monitoring, successful transit stop relocations and delivery of effective ridership counts.
> The implementation of the project was achieved through the tenacity of the team to work well with all stakeholders, who collaborated with politicians and business leaders to open up dialogue and implement the project under short timelines, despite public scrutiny. The impact of the project has contributed to faster and more reliable service, increased ridership and improved customer satisfaction.
> The successful implementation of this project has resulted in significant, measurable improvements to both business and work processes, overall increased efficiencies and elevated levels of safety. The team has provided a basis for future pilots and has set the stage to make transit across the city faster, more attractive and more reliable.

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