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Rewards & Recognition Fall 2017

10/31/17 6:00 PM

Customer Service Awards


Lisa D’Eri
Eglinton Division
> When an elderly male passenger collapsed on the bus, Lisa remained calm, notified CIS and EMS and took control of the situation.
> Another passenger later told Lisa how she had helped to calm the passengers and how professional she was in handling the situation.
> Lisa regularly provides top notch customer service and has a positive impact on the people she meets.


Donnie Gallant
> Donnie noticed a customer who was potentially going to harm himself at Spadina Station. He stayed with him while Toronto Police was called and helped to keep him calm.
> He potentially prevented a major incident through his excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
> Donnie has a real drive for his job. He is compassionate and is often seen helping customers with disabilities and strollers at Spadina Station.


John Kanis
Office Services Clerk
Queensway Division
> John goes above and beyond to ensure the management team is supported and all administrative needs are taken care of.
> He is courteous even during stressful circumstances and often follows up with Operators in person.
> John advocates for ways to improve Queensway Division. He has helped reduce absenteeism by ensuring communications and expectations are clear and by keeping Operators engaged to boost morale.


Paul Leow
Station Collector
> Paul has received numerous customer service commendations and recognition from colleagues regarding his positive attitude and how he makes customers feel welcome.
> He goes above and beyond to put people in a good mood as they enter the system, making the TTC a more welcoming place.
> Paul is unfailingly cheerful and polite, despite the high stress environment at Finch Station during the morning rush hour.

Robert McGrath
Station Collector
> Rob sat down, listened to and provided counselling to a youth who had been assaulted and assisted with first aid when the young man declined EMS aid.
> He cleaned the youth’s wounds and face, offered assistance and listened to his story leading to the youth feeling well enough to continue on his journey.
> Rob maintains a calm demeanor when dealing with challenging customers, is a PRESTO ambassador by showing people step by step how to use the new machines and also carries his own personal city of Toronto map book to provide detailed directions to customers.


Dale Mowat
Subway Operator
Danforth Division
> Dale has received numerous customer commendations regarding his professionalism and excellent customer service.
> He has been pointed out by upper management for his clear announcements, has received a SPOT award and was requested for a 24 Hours employee profile interview.
> Dale is a role model to his colleagues and has a friendly, pleasant attitude. He always comes to work looking professional, arrives on time and is respected by everyone he works with.


Divani Premraj
Arrow Road Division
> Divani is courteous and caring towards her customers and answers questions with patience and thoughtfulness.
> She always makes sure her customers’ commute is positive and enjoyable.
> Divani leads by example and is a role model to other Operators who follow in her footsteps.


Anna Puccia
Pension Officer - Retirees
> Anna consistently delivers excellent customer service by treating all employees with respect and dignity.
> She ensures retiring employees are able to make their decisions in a comfortable and respectful environment.
> Anna is a role model to others in her department and provides accurate, timely responses to retiring TTC employees and pensioners.


Washington Williams
Carhouse Operator
Rail Cars and Shops
> Washington makes work seem effortless through his calm demeanor, his eagerness to help and his interest in providing safe, clean and reliable service.
> He goes above and beyond to ensure excellent customer service on a daily basis.
> Washington’s work habits help provide Supervisors the opportunity to focus on long-term planning.

This award recognizes TTC employees who consistently demonstrate exceptional commitment to the TTC’s goal of delivering excellent customer service. These individuals display that they clearly understand the diverse customer groups that the TTC serves, and how to most effectively meet their needs. Adjudication Committee: Acting Chief Customer Officer Kirsten Watson, Chief People Officer Gemma Piemontese and Corporate Communications Executive Director Brad Ross

Safety Awards


Janet Fiddler
Route Supervisor
Eglinton Division
> When Janet came across a violent off-property incident while on duty, she sounded her vehicle horn to successfully scare off the assailants.
> She called Transit Control, then administered first aid to both victims who had been severely injured until EMS arrived.
> Janet acted professionally and compassionately and followed procedure during a stressful situation.


Jose Pereira
Track Level Safety Consultant
Subway Infrastructure
> Jose consistently demonstrates leadership in safety and helps to make the TTC a better place to work.
> In addition to leading several safety projects, he has also taken the initiative to lead a mental health awareness campaign.
> Jose motivates and inspires others to excel and contributes to his team’s success.


Colvin Welch
Birchmount Division
> Colvin witnessed a violent altercation on his bus between customers.
> He remained calm and followed proper procedure to de-escalate the situation without anyone getting hurt.
> Because of Colvin’s calm demeanor and quick decision making, he ensured the safety of everyone on the bus and the resolution of an otherwise volatile situation.

This award recognizes employees who consistently exemplify commitment to the TTC’s goal of delivering a safe public transit service to its customers, while maintaining a safe work environment for its employees. Adjudication Committee: Chief Safety Officer John O’Grady, Chief Capital Officer Susan Reed Tanaka and Acting Chief Operating Officer Mike Palmer.

Innovation & Creativity Awards


Giuseppe Delmedico
Supervisor - System Support
IT Services
> The Video Services Unit (VSU) receives 10,000 requests yearly, which are currently processed manually by e-mail.
> When ITS was unable to develop a more efficient process and external services were too costly, Giuseppe put together a sample database and analyzed how the TTC’s current system could be modified.
> Giuseppe’s innovative, resourceful and creative mindset allowed the VSU to develop a cost effective, in-house solution to improve the request process.

This award recognizes TTC employees who have demonstrated an innovative and creative mindset and as a result have brought forward ideas that improve the TTC’s internal systems and processes, operations, team culture, and/or delivery of customer service. Adjudication Committee: Chief Capital Officer Susan Reed Tanaka, Acting Chief Operating Officer Mike Palmer and Corporate Communications Executive Director Brad Ross.

Leadership Awards


Jason Curnew
Route Supervisor
Birchmount Division
> Jason has taken the lead on various high-profile events and supports his colleagues to ensure everything runs smoothly.
> When assigned a replacement bus shuttle project, he put together information packages for Operators and went out to offer support.
> Jason worked outside his regular hours to organize the Ashbridge’s Bay fireworks service for the long weekends, which attracted crowds of over 40,000 people. Despite the challenges, he took the lead and ensured service for the events ran smoothly.

Di Luciano

Orazio (Roger) Di Luciano
Human Resources
> Orazio ensures his trainings are delivered professionally and tailors to the pace of each individual, making sure to communicate information effectively.
> He is creative in delivering his classes, passionate about the subjects he teaches and respectful towards everyone.
> Orazio demonstrates strong communication skills, creativity and shows a commitment to excellence in his work ethic.


Guillaume Giguere
Team Lead - Transit Fare Inspector
Transit Enforcement
>Guillaume goes over and above to accommodate employees and makes an effort to visit Transit Fare Inspectors on the road to address any issues.
>He is hard working, shows compassion and motivates his staff.
>Guillaume recognizes employees for their hard work and always shows respect when speaking to customers and employees.


Jonathan Liebich
Divisional Assistant Manager
Bus Transportation
> Jonathan has been a mentor to many Supervisors at Birchmount Division and always encourages his employees.
> His kind words and patience have helped to mold a group of Supervisors who have successfully moved up within the organization. He is approachable and offers guidance and useful input.
> Jonathan leads by example and provides fair and constructive feedback. He has a genuine interest in seeing employees succeed.


Santo Luciano
Route Supervisor
Eglinton Division
> Santo recognized the importance of the Run as Directed (RAD) bus pilot project and developed a tracking mechanism that helps provide detailed information about bus routes.
> This initiative was shared widely and helped to streamline various route management processes.
> Santo has a passion for his work and encourages others to pursue excellence within their roles at the TTC.


Shabniz Mitha
Wilson Division
> Shabniz helps new Operators when they’re learning their routes. She is truly a mentor and a friend and has spent many hours of her own time assisting by drawing maps, explaining routes and offering tips.
> She has mentored Operators with preparing to be Supervisors.
> Shabniz speaks to others in a professional manner and has changed the lives of many by helping her colleagues to feel more confident.


Kristie Mohr
Subway Supervisor
Wilson Division
> Kristie has worked to develop more efficient ways to monitor ongoing metrics for performance. Her previous experience in Transit Control has allowed her to diffuse situations due to her conflict resolution skills.
> She has earned the respect of her colleagues and takes the time to help new Supervisors refine their skills and feel more confident in their roles.
> Kristie is very humble and is motivated to have her division succeed.


Manuel Ramos
Senior Instructor
Human Resources
> Manny’s contribution to revamping the TTC’s Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration (CVOR) has resulted in a more comprehensive system.
> His commitment to analyzing and investigating the points assigned to CVOR has resulted in improvements in test results.
> Manny often exceeds expectations and is the go-to person for training. He provides mentoring to other Instructors and his integrity inspires others to achieve their goals.


Joe Rocha
Senior Construction Inspector
> Joe’s level of dedication exceeds expectations. He consistently takes on additional responsibilities and delivers projects on time and on budget.
> He leads by example and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team from his background as an Electrical Foreperson.
> Joe is a great leader. He readily shares his knowledge and mentors others to help improve the team. He treats everyone with respect and is skilled at resolving conflicts.


Nelson Rodrigues
Mount Dennis Division
> Nelson is always willing to assist others and goes the extra mile for his trainees. He is serious about his work, yet adds a touch of humour to his teachings.
> He goes above and beyond to answer questions and ensures that new employees are comfortable in their roles. He has volunteered his time for various events, including pizza sales for United Way.
> Nelson is very humble and has a positive attitude. He treats everyone from colleagues to passengers with dignity and respect.


Robert Smith
Divisional Manager
Birchmount Division
> Rob consistently displays leadership abilities when engaging with employees at Birchmount Division. He often eats lunch in the Operator’s lunchroom to provide an informal opportunity to speak with him.
> He engages with his supervisory staff by inviting them to sit in on interviews for experience and encourages their professional development.
> Rob is always available to answer questions, offer guidance and provide genuine feedback.


Sanda Stojicic
Assistant Director - OHCM
Human Resources
> Sanda helps employees to understand and overcome fears of workplace injuries. She has vast knowledge relating to WSIB and is passionate about educating people on their rights.
> She is a mentor and an inspiration to many and serves as a humble and compassionate colleague.
> In just a few years, Sanda has built three strategic and foundational occupational health portfolios aimed at making the TTC a better place to work.

Sen Troeung
Revenue Equipment Analyzer
Revenue Operations
> Despite working independently in his role, Sen often comes out to the floor and speaks with each team member individually, building team morale and cohesiveness.
> He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with other team members, helping them to better accomplish their goals. He is humble and leads without title or authority.
> Sen contributes to the team’s productivity by always being available to help solve problems and takes the initiative to bring improvements to the workplace.


Cheryl Uroda
Director - Pension Administration
> Cheryl is committed to her department. Despite any challenges, she always maintains a positive attitude.
> She is mindful of her staff’s mental health and recently organized an employee pizza lunch during a particularly stressful time, which was paid for out of her own pocket.
> Cheryl leads by example and is always willing to help staff overcome challenges. She is committed to promoting positive company culture.

This award recognizes employees who model and exhibit outstanding leadership qualities and behaviours. Adjudication Committee: Chief People Officer Gemma Piemontese, Deputy Chief Operating Officer Jim Ross and Chief of Staff Joan Taylor.

Teamwork Awards

FFD Team

The Fitness for Duty Team

Peter Bartz
Program Lead - Fitness for Duty
Human Resources

Maria Delgado
Program Assistant - Fitness for Duty
Human Resources

Megan MacRae
Executive Director - Human Resources
Human Resources

> This team put forth extraordinary efforts in implementing the Fitness for Duty program with a shared vision to better the TTC. They helped guide the Executive Committee, Legal team and service providers to effectively carry out the program.
> They prepared for an injunction in court while working with communications to ensure clear and consistent messaging, resulting in positive public perception.
> The team went above and beyond in delivering trainings and in distributing clear information to stakeholders. The program was successful in lowering and ultimately preventing drug and alcohol incidents to help make a safer workplace, service and city for all.



The One Person Train Operation (OPTO) Team

Vince Alexander
Duty Station Manager - Yonge North Zone

Kent Bayley
Manager - Communications Engineering
Plant Maintenance

Andrew Dixon
Manager - Training - Rail Transportation
Training and Development

David Girodat
Manager - Subway  and SRT Track
Subway Infrastructure

Michael Hazlett
Manager - Transit Control
Subway Transportation

Thampu Joseph
Safety Assurance Engineer
Safety and Environment

Heidi Kikoler
Change Management Consultant
CEO’s Office

Kam Kwok
Chief Vehicle Engineer - Rail
Rail Cars and Shops

Naomi Marubashi
Manager - Training
Training and Development

Scott Mather
Assistant Designer - Track
Subway Infrastructure

Andrew McKinnon
Manager - Safety Engineering Services
Safety and Environment

Matt Pallotta
Divisional Assistant Manager - Wilson Division
Subway Transportation

Roy Park
Manager - Vehicle Maintenance Engineering
Rail Cars And Shops

Meghan Rogers
Manager - Employee Relations
Human Resources

Tyrus Schulzke
Senior Instructor
Training and Development

Amanda Sonier
Subway Operations Safety Manager
Deputy Chief Operating Officer’s Office

Michael Sosedov
Group Station Manager - Yonge North Zone

Deborah Steels
Divisional Manager - Wilson Division
Subway Transportation

William Swanson
Occupational Hygienist
Safety and Environment

David Trimble
Project Manager - Project Office
Plant Maintenance

> The One Person Train Operation (OPTO) program was developed and successfully implemented through the collaborative efforts of employees working together from various departments.
> OPTO on Sheppard has operated safely and efficiently since going into service on Oct. 9, 2016 and is in line with the TTC’s Corporate Plan to modernize subway operations.
> The program has provided an operating budget savings of $941,000/year, while freeing up 13 Operators who can now help with service increases elsewhere in the department.

This award recognizes groups or teams of employees who demonstrate the key elements of successful project work that advances departmental goals or the TTC mission. Teamwork may take place within groups, across groups, or within a department or section. Adjudication Committee: Deputy CEO/Chief Service Officer Rick Leary, Acting Deputy Chief Service Officer Collie Greenwood and Chief of Staff Joan Taylor.

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Sending commendations

TTC employees are commended daily by customers – by phone, mail/e-mail, online on in person. All commendations that are received from customers should be forwarded to the Customer Service Section in the Customer Service Centre. This will generate a Customer Service Report (CSR), which is redirected to the employee’s work location to confirm his or her name and to obtain permission to publish it in The Coupler. The work location must forward a copy of the CSR to The Coupler in order to have an individual recognized in Commendations Corner. An employee being commended by another employee should be notified in writing, with a copy to The Coupler and to the employee’s work location or manager, to obtain permission to publish it in The Coupler. These commendations can be forwarded via internal mail to The Coupler Office in the McBrien Building, or by e-mail to mike.detoma@ttc.ca.

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