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Operations & Service Delivery Award of Excellence (Q4)

Award of Excellence 4th Quarter 2013 12/24/13 5:02 AM

4th Quarter Winners

Acting COO Gary Shortt, Acting Chief Service Officer Chris Upfold, Safety and Environment Head John O’Grady and Human Resources Head Gemma Piemontese congratulated the following Award of Excellence winners for the fourth quarter of 2013:

Tony Beltrano – Harvey Shop
Cheryl Spence – Lakeshore Division
Frank Guzzo – Collectors
Terrance Lesyk – Transit Control
Jason Da Silva – Wilson-Bus Division
Rudolf Silao – Greenwood Shop
Henrique DaSilvia – Signals
Michele Covello – Wilson Garage
Susan Carr – Wilson-Bus Division
Ronald Norton – Birchmount Garage
George Sitaridis – Queensway Garage
Francine McIntyre – Mount Dennis Division
Terry Turner – Arrow Road Division
Jose Oliveira – Station Services
Roman Nazarewycz – Roncesvalles Division
Joseph Lariviere – Transit Enforcement Unit
Daniel Cross – Birchmount Division
Hernan Saulle – Arrow Road Division
Debbie Phillips – Eglinton Division
Harley Johnson – Malvern Division
Evan Patterson – Malvern Division
David Pearson – Birchmount Division
Peter MacGillivary – Facilities
Waldwin Charles – End Terminal Cleaning
Charles Grasso – Duncan Shop
Michael McDermott – Queensway Division
Nicole Hylton-Ehlers – Transit Enforcement Unit
Randal Smallwood – Mount Dennis Division
Renata Harper – Russell Division
Florencio Vegaanzola – Danforth Division
Clive Petrie – Wilson-Subway Division
Carlos Ortiz – Eglinton Division


The Operations Branch Award of Excellence is presented four times a year to employees who demonstrate motivation, a high level of performance, shown initiative or have made a special contribution towards the promotion of a positive work environment. Each award winner is congratulated by the Chief Executive Officer and senior officials from TTC management and the unions.

Super graduates!

Route and Station Supervisor Graduates

Congratulations to the Route/Station Supervisor graduating class of November 2013. From left: Nizar Abu Farha, Elijah Mapgaonkar, Lori Boden, Sherman Palasaga, Fabio Guzzo, Maureen Manning, Jamal Richardson, (Instructor Sal Maltese), John Komakech, (Training and Development Head Joanne DiBiase), Mike Stinson, Joel Pinsk, Aseni Hamasi, Michelle Carson, Mikael DiNoto, Michele Long, Ryan Shears, Mark Arbour, Paul Zomparelli, Johnni Zamora, Steve Hannah, Hope Foster, Debra Maillet, Gary Juhaz, Harrynarine Harrypaul, (Instructor Tony Mammoliti), Bobbijean Donovan and (CEO Andy Byford).

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Corporate Notice

COVID-19 update: positive test at Mount Dennis Division.

In Memoriam

Catenacci, DiSimone, Middleton, Morrison, Niemeyer, Olsen, Shaw, Smith, Steele, Vitale.

Sending commendations

TTC employees are commended daily by customers – by phone, mail/e-mail, online on in person. All commendations that are received from customers should be forwarded to the Customer Service Section in the Customer Service Centre. This will generate a Customer Service Report (CSR), which is redirected to the employee’s work location to confirm his or her name and to obtain permission to publish it in The Coupler. The work location must forward a copy of the CSR to The Coupler in order to have an individual recognized in Commendations Corner. An employee being commended by another employee should be notified in writing, with a copy to The Coupler and to the employee’s work location or manager, to obtain permission to publish it in The Coupler. These commendations can be forwarded via internal mail to The Coupler Office in the McBrien Building, or by e-mail to mike.detoma@ttc.ca.

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